We will, we will, rock you!

It’s nice to be away from the office once in a while. Took half a day off on Wednesday to meet JT & PH but PH ended up nursing a flu at home as she was caught in the rain on Tuesday. Had a great time catching up with JT, contemplating if we should return to Shanghai for the summer as quite a number of our high school classmates will be going back as well. It’ll be a great opportunity to catch everyone! Currently awaiting pictures from JT, but she’s not online ):

Took Thursday off as well and caught a movie with the usual bunch of people. Afterwhich the Spy/Slave and the Prince said they wanted to study.

But the Prince spent most of the time playing my NDSL and Darell’s PSP. And Darell has this really cute game on his PSP!

While they studied, we busied ourselves with the camera.

Angel was trying very hard to get this effect. She finally mastered the art of Ninja Power. Looks like hers is even more powerful than Darell’s, see, she’s testing out her new found power on me! Tsk tsk.

The cinema theatre at PS is just like a fridge, for some reason I always feel cold at that theatre. So Hyun Jae lent me his hoodie. Which became part of our self-entertainment while they ‘studied’.

His hoodie is huuugggeee. But he’s so skinny, why does he need such a huge hoodie for?

It was dinner at Chomp Chomp. Yummy Hokkien Mee, Satay and Sugar Cane juice! Chatted over Haato ice cream and the topic of the We Will Rock You, the Musical came up. It looked interesting and I wanted to catch it- just that I was looking for a partner to catch it with me but didn’t know who to ask.

So the next day, to my surprise, I got a call from Naph saying that she was going to check out the tickets for the musical! But the tickets costs a bomb, the cheapest was $70 something. But it’s a good thing that they had student price tickets which costed us about $52. So we bought the tickets to Sunday’s performance.

I wore heels that day, and they gave me nasty blisters as it was only the third time I wore them out. Guess they weren’t ‘seasoned’ yet. Sigh. Had ramen for dinner, as Angel had ramen cravings and the shop claimed that their soup was high in Collagen so I drank the bowl dry.

But I think I would have finished the soup anyway even though it wasn’t enriched with Collagen. I’m quite a soup person.

Photography wasn’t allowed. But I only realised that after they made the announcement a few minutes before the musical started. I managed to snap a couple of pictures before the annoucement though.

That blurry person is suppose to be me, Angel doesn’t exactly have steady hands (Darell was outside filling his water bottle, he drinks water like a fish). But anyway, we got pretty good seats although we only paid $52 for students. It should be considered a steal, but my pocket felt the damage anyway. Our seats were pretty close to the stage, but not so close that you can’t take in the whole stage while straining your neck, and not too far away that you can barely see the actor’s expressions.

The singing was superb, and the music added on to the energy on stage. Local flavor was added into the script as well. It showed that they took their audience seriously, and were meticulous in making sure that the audience could connect to the performance. It was simply engaging, worth every single penny as every single one of us enjoyed it.

We all contracted the post-we-will-rock-you syndrome.

I wouldn’t mind catching it again, but this time, someone else will have to fork out money for the ticket. There’s a huuge hole burning my pocket already.

Looking forward to our next musical, whenever it may be. (:


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