Grandma in Tokyo


My grandma went off to Tokyo with her friends, without offering to take me along! She claimed that I’d be bored since I’ll be the only ‘young’ one amongst all her other old friends.. But come on! IT’S TOKYO! HOW CAN I BE BORED? Besides, I bet she planned the trip for quite some time, so she could have asked if I wanted to go and I could at least ask another ‘young’ person to go with me? Why didn’t she think of that? Pffttt… so now she’s away in Tokyo, probably shopping happily.

Since my grandma is away, those in the house will have to settle their own meals. And my brother cooks his meals, then dump all the stuff he uses into the sink. The sight of the pile of dishes annoys me! But I refuse to wash them since I’m not the one who used them. The only thing I’ve cooked so far is a bowl of Kimchi Instant noodles, afterwhich I washed and placed on the dryer. I’m a good girl.

That’s the reason why my parents refuse to allow both me and my brother to stay in an apartment alone without adult supervision while they’re away in shanghai. We’ll probably end up fighting (like literally with fists flying) about who should do the dishes and household chores.

I wish the government would drag his ass off to NS already! Argh.


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One thought on “Grandma in Tokyo

  1. Carry April 18, 2008 at 7:03 pm Reply

    your grandma is really cool! she just wanted to go with her friends, ALONE with her friends and this is really cool for old people.I mean i hope that when I’ll be a grandma I am going to have similar trips like to Tokyo!Really cool grandma you have!!!!:)

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