The King’s 21st

The King turns 21!

Yup, legally, he is allowed to do a lot of things without parental consent. But in reality, not very so. Anyway, he is officially an adult. And it was celebrated with… a big bang? The celebrations lasted 3 days! I think this might get a little lengthy…

24th April 2008

On the actual day that he turned 21, it started off with brunch at Dempsey Hill at some place called PS cafe. I found the thing that I ordered rather tastey whereas the King thought that his yogurt was too sour, Naph’s banana bread was good too! I liked the atmosphere of the place, and the air-con was oh-so-nice since we ‘hiked’ up the hill to get to Dempsey.

When we were done, we headed down to Cine to meet the Prince, as well as to catch Harold and Kumar. While waiting for time to pass, the Princessraced with the guys but lost. Looks like her driving lessons are not working! Haha, what more at the moment she’s the only one learning how to drive.

Harold and Kumar was pretty hilarious. Too bad I didn’t catch the first part of the movie, the Princess said they referred to the previous movie a few times.

Moving on with the day’s events, we headed to City Space at Swissotel, Raffles Place. I love the view from there! While the Spy/Slave went off to change, we were arguing which building is what, pointing to Clarke Quay and stuff. The sofa was really comfy.

And as usual, my face turned bright tomato red after drinking. And I didn’t even finish my drink! Although I did finish at least three quaters as it was so, so sweet! Just the way I like it, can barely taste the alcohol. The waitress made a good recommandation. (:

I was hoping to catch the sunset from the place, but Darell called to say that he was leaving school to come meet us for dinner. So we had to leave ):

The Spy/Slave can’t aim the camera properly. Sigh, anyway, we made our way down to Clarke Quay, on foot. Honestly I can barely remember anything interesting that happened during that day. It’s like I’m just dictating what we did on 24th April. Pfft. Ok for memories sake, I’m going to continue dictating.

We had dinner at this Italian place which I can’t remember how to spell the name. We spent so much that day, I had to walk to Central to look for an ATM. And the darn POSB ATM was hidden inside Cheers which I just walked right past cause I thought it’ll be outside! So I walked about aimlessly inside Central till I gave up and called the Princess.

Anyway, Darell being the funny person he has always been. Borrowed Joke books from the library! He even folded the pages that had jokes that he thought were good! He is the first person that I know that will do such stuff. He even searches for jokes online. Heh. And for the record, the King can’t tell jokes for nuts. Even if it’s a really good joke, it’ll turn into a bad one after it comes out of his mouth. (The Prince left before we had a chance to take a group picture)

My lagsane as good and the Hazelnut ice cream was really, really good! It was like eating Nutella. So good! But Angel says she doesn’t fancy it. But I think it’s nice.

I love the display of their desserts. So tempting! But I still like their Hazelnut ice cream, thought I’ve yet to try any of those desserts displayed in the glass shelf.

By the end of dinner, my head was pounding. I can’t hold my alcohol, so I didn’t finish my glass of Port Wine. I think I was getting a hang over at the end of the night. Drank too fast at City Space, I think. But the drink was sweet.

25th April 2008

The Spy/Slave wanted to have a sleepover at Castle Green. But Castle Green rarely got human visitors, so the place is kinda dusty. So we went over to clean it. But first, we had to go get stuff for the ‘sleepover’. Met Angel and the Spy/Slave at AMK Hub to do a little shopping at NTUC. Got crab as the Slave/Spy wanted to cook chilli crab for the King, chips and the Spy/Slave insisted on getting alcohol although we’ve already drank quite a bit the previous day. Caught a cab to Timothy’s place to drop the stuff meant to be cooked as well as to grab some stuff to clean Castle Green.

The Spy/Slave has never done housework before! Due to the fact that he has a maid at home. Pfftt, never do housework before still stand there and acted like he knew it all. Haha. In the end he got rebutted by me and Angel using the fact that he has never done household chores before. He put so much detergent in the water used for mopping, it made the floor sticky.

And Angel’s a lazy bum who wouldn’t move the broom away so that she could mop floor underneath it, she just mopped the area around the broom. Tsk. Anyway, I’m not saying that I’m some expert at household chores because I hate doing the chores. Heh.

Walked back to the Spy/Slave’s place to return the mop, pail and broom as well as to cook the crab. But we were all idiots who never had to kill to eat before!

The Prince said to kill it, stab a chopstick through the middle of the crab, while the instructions on the box of chilli crab mix said to place the live crab in ice water till it stopped moving. We took an uber long time to settle the crab in the boiling hot kitchen. It was like a sauna!

The Royalties, being Royalty, busy enjoying their chicken nuggets fresh out of the toaster. Tsk.

The Spy/Slave’s maid ended up being the one cleaning and cooking the crab. And the King didn’t get to enjoy it cause the Spy/Slave didn’t tell him that he wasn’t suppose to have dinner before coming! Like @#&!(*)@*%#$.

Unfortunately, the Princess had to leave and couldn’t burn the night with us at Castle Green.

We played Black Jack the whole night. The person with the largest difference from 21 points (21! The King’s age!) have to drink. And we had this ticketing system (I have no idea why we called it a ticket) where when we get 21 points, we get this ‘No need to drink’ ticket and the fun part was that it could be passed around from one player to another till it eventually gets used. It’s like a ‘Get out of jail free’ card in monopoly. Heh.

The drinks were mainly vodka mixed with Red Bull. I had to mix in a lot of Red Bull cause I dislike the alcohol taste, whereas Angel and the King can take the vodka alone. Like eeeewww…

The King and Angel gave me and the Prince quite a number of tickets, so I got to escape drinking quite a lot! Hehe. I drank the least that day, and since the alcohol intake was a little at a time, I didn’t get a head splitting headache after that.

When it got to the last bit of vodka, all tickets were deemed void and the loser would have to drink the whole thing. And then taadaa! The Prince and I got 21 points with just 2 cards! We were laughing our heads off. And the loser was the Spy/Slave, and he wasn’t too happy about it as the guys were bent on making him drink as much as possible. Heh.

After we finished off the vodka, there was still beer! And the beer was so bitter! Totally gross. My face cringed up when I forced myself to swallow it, and the Prince had to finish one of the half cups for me once (even though I didn’t ask, my face was too tangled up to do anything) as the beer was so, so horribly bitter.

Anyway, we eventually finished the bottle of vodka and the 6 cans of beer. The Prince left at 2.30am and the rest of us stayed till the first train started running again before heading home. The Spy/Slave konked out on the bench though. Haha.

Edit: Angel insisted that I mention this part. Timothy gets all cranky and irritable. He kept using the F-word through the night after a couple of drinks. We were all laughing our heads off, while he is the only one in a foul mood. Haha. Anything else you’d like to mention Angel?

26th April 2008

The original plan was to play paintball, but hearing other people’s experience with it, it sounded painful. So we switched to Laser Tag/Quest, whatever it’s called.

It was a great workout. I was drained by the time we finished all three ‘missions’. Everybody was all red and sweaty from all the running up and down the carpark. I think the guys are crazy, they wore jeans! Majority of them were in jeans! The Prince even tore a hole in his while playing. I returned home with aching legs (due to the lack of exercise, sigh) and a bruise on my arm. I don’t remember hitting anything though.

Anyway, it was such a random thing to be playing with the King’s JC classmates. But it was fun nonetheless. We needed to make up the numbers anyway.

Hope you had fun, King!


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