Daddy Part 7 – War against Cancer. ROARRR!

WARNING: Pictures of my dad’s stitched up head.

But it’s not that gross lah. All the stitches all taken out already.

I get questions about my dad every Sunday when I get to church. Partially because my parents go visit from other churches so people can’t see for themselves that he’s doing fine!

Anyway, everyone, he is very, very fine. As if he’s never gone for that second surgery like that. Now he’s going to go through chemotheraphy again. (First surgery recap! CLICK HERE!)

And for the first 4 days after he got out of ICU after his surgery, he got his picture taken (by yours truely) to moniter his progress (photography isn’t allowed in the ICU). And he looks fine, far lesser bruising compared to his first surgery.

Those taken with flash look like he’s some prisoner who got beaten up in prison. HAHAHA!

This time they stitched up his head instead of using the staples.

And this time he didn’t shave off all his hair. He still has hair! I think he looks better with no hair. Haha, no need to worry about balding somemore. So good right.

Alright, so that’s my dad’s battle wound.

(Daddy’s face look so fat in the pictures right?! HAHAHA)


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