Asian Ketchup!

I’m probably on the plane on my way to Taipei with Angel right now. But WordPress has this awesome function where you can schedule posts! Just set the date and time you want it to publish your post and you’re all set! That is the reason why you’re reading this while I’m somewhere between Singapore and Taipei, over some ocean and probably feeling rather uncomfortable having to be to seated for hours.

Anyway, the bottle in the previous post (CLICK HERE!) is actually Oyster Sauce in a Heinz-Ketchup-Bottle style bottle. Heh. I wonder why they have to have their sauce in a plastic bottle as people rarely use oyster sauce like the way they use ketchup. Imagine dipping your fries into oyster sauce! Ok, maybe from the asian perspective… erm, I’m not sure if anything that is stick-like that we like to dip in sauce. Sugar cane? Nah… Springrolls? Aren’t they salty enough?

Anyway, it’s probably just for convience sake, makes pouring oyster sauce out of the bottle easier. Like ketchup, it can be pretty annoying to try to get the sauce out of the glass bottle. But I like the oyster sauce in glass bottles. This plastic bottle oyster sauce looks like a toy! Or some chinese lotion for aching joints!

Are we back in the days where Asia is opening up to the Western culture? Asians packaged in Western clothing? Now it’s Asian sauces packaged in plastic, just like Western sauces! Asians wear Western clothing, now the sauces have to follow suit too. Wow, globalisation.

Alright, have a great time while I’m away. I’m going to eat myself silly while I’m gone. (: Don’t miss me too much. I’ll be back in 10 days!

P.S: I’ve set it to publish this at 3.40pm, the ticket shows my arrival time as 5.40pm so I’ll be in Taipei in 2 more hours! So exciting!


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