@ Taipei

Hello, for everyone that’s watching this space. I’m currently in Taipei now with Angel.

We’re currently staying in a hostel, which is pretty nice and the people staying here are pretty nice too!

So far we’re enjoying ourselves and spending lots of money at the Watsons here. They’re Watsons is so nice to shop in! Heh.

It’s 4.20am and we’re still up watching TV.

Alright, see you all soon!


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One thought on “@ Taipei

  1. MEL!! May 26, 2008 at 8:07 pm Reply

    LAINE N GEL!!!!!! HOW ARE THE BOTH OF YOU???? HAVIN FUN??? feelin EXTREMELY jealous now. ha. sigh! anyway, you have internet there at the hostel? 4 more days till you’re back yes? did gel tell you that i suggested we buy naph air supply tickets? do you guys think 58 better or 78 too ex? =/ do you guys wanna go? anw, we’re so screwed. stupid sheng hasn’t booked the paintball yet. -.- oh well. lucky neither of them check blogs out. i actually forgot abt blogs too. n had to track back to my old blog to find your old add n link. haha! okay. im like typin an email. =/ no stab-wound marks on you bedsheets i presume? ha. missin you guys!! dont have too much fun without us!!! ❤ take care!

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