10 days in Taipei


So, we ended up not going to anywhere else out of Taipei. We took our time to get around the place, usually going only to one place in one day. Partially it’s also because I only wake up in the afternoon due to the fact that TV is so nice to watch there so we end up watching TV till wee hours in the morning.

Day 1

We arrived in Taipei at 5.00pm, by the time we got to the hostel it was already dinner time. So we headed out to the night market nearest to the hostel for dinner.

We had beef noodles, which I thought wasn’t too bad. Then we walked around to shop a little but didn’t buy much. Then we headed back to the hostel to shower and watch TV.

Day 2

Headed out to XiMenDing by MRT. The people there keep to the right when riding the escalator, while Singapore it’s mostly keep to the left. Sometimes I forget and end up on the wrong side only to be pulled back by Angel. The people there die-die will also stick to the right ok! So orderly, unlike Singapore. Years of education and people still anyhow stand. Even when waiting to board the train, they queue to board! Like queue in a straight line by the train door. People in Singapore just crowd around the door. Singaporeans ought to be ashamed.

Anyway, most of the shops were still closed when we got there in the morning, I was complaining that I could have gotten more sleep! Anyway, spent lots of time and energy trying to find the Modern Toilet restaurant. It’s so difficult to find! And when we finally found it, it was full so we had to walk around somemore while waiting for seats.

Thankfully, when we returned there were empty seats for us. Due to all the walking around, I was starving already. All the food came in cute little toilet bowls or bath tubs. Our table was made out of a sink and the seats we were sitting on were toilet bowls.

The food isn’t all that fantastic, but it was the novelty of the place that brought us to it anyway. Heh.

When we were done with the food, walked about XiMenDingto shop a little, but we didn’t really see much that we liked. Ended up taking neoprint at this three storey neoprint building. There were tons of machines for you to choose from and it’s cheaper than those in Singapore.

When eveningcame (yes, we spent the whole day there, lookingfor the places we wanted to go mostly!), we went out looking for Ah Zhong Mian Xian which is suppose to sell really good Mian Xian as I was told by my ex-colleague. It was another difficult place to find! Argh.

It must be really good as there was a huge crowd of people at the store. But the thing is, it doesn’t have a proper place for you to sit and enjoy the food. Everyone had to stand around, slurping at their bowl. It didn’t help that my legs were already half-dead from all the walking.

The Mian Xian wasn’t too bad, but they had pig intestine in it! And I didn’t know, and Angel didn’t warn me either. I was chewing on it happily wonderingwhat-the-heck is this super chewy thing, only thendid she tell me they had intestine in it. EEEWWW!

And they have Dunkin’ Donuts there! Woohoo! So we had donuts for dinner as we weren’t really hungry. Headed back to the hostel with our donuts to enjoy in front of the TV.

XiMenDing isn’t all that happening, we found it a bit boring. And we ended up spending the most at Watsons than the shops there.

Angel got hungry after a while, so she went out to grab some food with Angelo. And then Angelo brought us to a small club nearby, which the hostel people loved to go, as they gave out 4 free drinks to those who arrive there before 11pm. We returned to the hostel after the club closed at 3am, with our hair and clothes smelling like cigarette smoke. Yes, they permit smoking in Taiwan clubs. Boo.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I puked on the shower floor while I was preparing to get a shower (due to all the horrible cigarette smoke smell in my hair). Must have been the tequila shot. Gross.

Day 3

We alway hear the Taiwan people on TV mention SOGO shopping centre. So we headed out to SOGO.

Before our trip, we spent quite some time researching online on places to go. Quite a lot of people suggested that DingTaiFeng is a must try. It’s cheaper in Taipei and the service is better too. People in Singapore still have lots to learn with regards to service!

For some reason, they have this Japanese erm, garden thingy on the highest floor of their shopping centre.

But the view of the street below is pretty.

The Watsons at Taipei is really, really nice to shop at. So we went to Watsons yet again, then headed to a supermarket at the basement of SOGO. Was walkingaround deciding what to buy back for supper when Angel got approached by this lady, who wanted to know where she got her bag from. But the lady ended up talkingto us and offered to bring us around Taipei to try out the food. She even left us her contact number and made us leave her our Singapore contact numbers so that she’ll be able to contact us if she ever finds the chance to visit Singapore. We were left dazed, the way she talked to us was as if she’s all prepared to meet up with us the very next day. No, we never contacted her once. Her over friendly-ness is scary.

That’s all for Day 3. Told you only one place a day.

Day 4

Went to our first tourist-y place. The memorial hall of their Guo Fu.

It rained in the morningand the place was flooded, as a result our shoes got soaked from all the puddles of water. And it was super tiring to climb up all those steps to get into the while building.

We were greeted by this huge statue after finishing those steps.

They also had this museam place inside which displayed pictures, cars, chairs blablabla, almost anything that had to do with this person that they made into a huge statue.

We wanted to go to the National Museam after the memorial hall, but we got there too late, it was already closed. We were only, like, a few minutes late!

Took a break at Yamazaki to rest our poor legs and rehydrate ourselves. Then headed off to KangYongJie for mango ice.

Again, we spent a super long time trying to find our way there. It was suppose to be a short walk from the MRT station! But we took a longer time than estimated as the roads in Taipei is just so difficult to figure out. And it’s not because my chinese is poor ok, it’s just so difficult to figure out. We were so tired of lookingat the map and figuring which road to go that we decided that we shall take a cab back to our hostel and not walk all the way back to the MRT station to take the train back after our mango ice.

Maybe we were just so worn out that I thought the mango ice tasted pretty good. I want more mango ice!

Day 5

Met up with Siwei and Yiqian that day! Went to Danshui which is suppose to be popular for it’s beautiful sunset.

Yiqian came late, so the 3 of us setted out first. Had lunch at a small local eatery to try out some of their local stuff, which I think were ok. Yiqian finally came and walked around the Danshuiarea a bit. The weather was pretty hot and humid that day, if only it were cooler it would make walkingaround so much more pleasant. Anyway, nothing caught our eye so we went off to SOGO yet again. Shopped a bit at the supermarket (no we didn’t bump into the woman again) and cooled off at Haagen Daz(where they serve a generous amount of sauces). Then headed off to have a BBQ meat buffet together with Siwei and Yiqian’s seniors.

Angel had an overload of meat, but I thought the food was ok. When we got back to the hostel, the people were getting ready to head of to a relatively new club in Taipei and invited us to tag along. Since Angel and I thought that we’re only meeting Siwei and Yiqianin the afternoon the next day, so why not? But one thingI don’t like about Taiwan clubs is that smoking is allowed. Again, we left the club smelling like a cigeratte stick. Yucks. I’m proud to say that I only had one drink (Sex on the Beach) and I didn’t puke! Wahahaha. Oh, I also realise that Taiwanese guys are rather polite when they try to talk to a girl. Hahaha.

Anyway, to our horror, when we got back to the hostel we realised that Yiqian messaged us (Siwei forgot to get his phone back from Angel, who kindly kept his stuff in her bag) to push the time we’ll be meetingthem the next day to an earlier time (I think it was 11.30am but we were out clubbing till like 4am?). Quick shower and off to bed.

Day 6

I woke up zombie-fied, and requested that we push back the meeting time to 12pm. The weather was pretty warm again that day. This time we headed off to Taipei zoo. The hot weather didn’t last long, we stepped into the zoo for only a few minutes and it started to pour! Like the clouds literally dumped all the water they’ve held in their bladder for a thousand years. It was so bad that umbrellas weren’t enough, we had to get disposable raincoats to use it together with our umbrellas!

We wanted to see the pengiuns really badly, and where were the penguins located? WAY AT THE OTHER END OF THE ZOO, DEEP DEEP DEEEEEP INSIDE! So we braved the rain and made our way through the rain. Oh, on our way to the Penguins, we stopped by the NocturnalAnimalenclosure. The enclosures were infested with cockroaches! Like, yucks! The cockroaches seem to be grabbing more attention than the actual animals were. Omg, I didn’t know Taipei’s zoo is that dirty!

Anyway, I wore pants that day as I didn’t expect it to rain that much and it got soaked to my knees. I was kinda disappointed when we finally reached the penguin enclosure as there were only a few penguins. Our reaction was “Huh? Like that only ah?“.

Journeyed back out and stopped at Macdonalds to grab a bite and to escape from the rain. Afterwhich, we took a public bus to GongGuan to Siwei and Yiqian’shostel. However, during the very long bus ride, I had to use the toilet really bad. So we had to get off halfway, and I zoomed into the first shop I saw and asked to borrow their toilet. Therefore we managed to arrive at their hostel with my bladder still intact. I was desperate ok, I really had to use the bathroom.

With regards to Yiqian’s hostel… I think the one we stayed in, is so much nicer. Heh. And the university their attached to, have really shiny and sparkly floors. Haha.

Day 7

Overslept and rushed off to the TV studio for the recording of Guess x3.

The studio’s far smaller than I expected. It looks huge on TV! However, it was an interesting experience as I’ve never been on a studio recording before. So I was all excited and everything, and so was everyone else. We also met lots of Singaporeans there, like half the studio audience consisted of Singaporeans? The other half were students from Asia University, a Taiwanese university in Taichung.

I think I’ll be watching Guess x3 every Saturday night now, just to catch the episode that I was at the recording. However, I doubt you’ll be able to see me on TV as I was seated really close to the cameras. Heh.

The whole day was spent on in the studio. The show may be only an hour long on TV, but it takes hours to film it! We were in the there from 1pm till 7pm! Angel was starving and stuffed herself with candy to prevent her stomach from growling. Hahaha. But I guess it was rather interesting overall, Jacky Wu is a hilarious person.

Headed off to Taipei 101 after that to catch Taipei’s nightview. And we were awed!

The lights are so pretty! We spent such a long time up there taking it all in and snapping about with our cameras. You’re allowed to get onto three levels. 88, 89 and 91. And you get a clear 360 degrees view of Taipei from there! SO PRETTY!

Level 91 is ourdoors, but it’s so nice and windy and the view’s so pretty you won’t want to leave. Haha. Me and Angel were woo-ing and ah-ing as we admired the view. We were like “I can see Miramar’s ferris wheel from here!

This yellow or they say golden coloured ball thingon the left here is called a Damper. It’s the thing that stablises the Taipei 101 building duringan earthquake or a strong typhoon. It’s rather fascinating. Unfortunately, both our cameras’ batteries died and we really, really wanted to take pictures so we had to resort to using a camera phone and my instant camera. We’ve never taken so many pictures with the instant camera before till that day. Heh.

But I must really say, the night view from the top is really very pretty (:

After Taipei 101, rested at Mac as well as to grab a bite. Went to catch Ironman at their cinema theatre as well. Their theatre there is pretty nice, however, if one person were to rock the chair, the whole row would feel it. And you exit out the same way as you entered the theatre, unlike Singapore where we have seperate exits.

Day 8

Yiqian suggested that we should give WuFenPua visit for cheap clothingand so we did! We were tired of having to always figure out how to walk to our destination from the MRT station, so we took a cab there.

Before we began our shopping spree, we stopped at a small shop for lunch first. RuRuoFanwas yummy. But Angel was getting sick of rice and Taiwanese food ):

The place is really nice to shop! Within 2 hours, me and Angel spent almost all our money on clothes. It’s not difficult to find something that you’ll like, they have all sorts of shops there and they carry pretty different styles. There’s something for everyone since the place is rather big. They have quite a number of shops for guys too, so it’s not a place where only girls would enjoy shopping at.

All we did was walk in, look for something we like, ask the price, reasonable? BUY! And this cycle went on till we were almost out of money. But we haven’t shopped enough yet. Alas, our wallets showed obvious objection. Boohoo. So we had to leave the place to head to somewhere else.

Went off to Miramar to ride their ferris wheel.

We were like “Waahhh…” when we saw the big green ferris wheel. And I’ve to annouceto everyone that Angel is a horrible camera person. She can’t take good pictures without shaking. Sigh.

The view from the wheel is pretty too, but not as pretty as the one from Taipei 101 as it isn’t as tall. Riding it makes me want to go on the Singapore Flyer too. I think Singapore has a nice night view as well, skyscrapers and all.

Next, headed off to Shihlin night market. Had RuRuoFan yet again.

Couldn’t shop much there as we were low on the moo-lah. So we browsed around and grabbed some stuff for the gang and Lulu.

It’s already the last few days of our trip, so it isn’t surprisingthat we’re running out of money. But we still wanted to shop more! On the way back from Shihlin to our hostel, we passed by a DBSbank near where our hostel was. So we went back to drop our shopping back at the hostel then headed out again to try to withdraw money from ATM machines that say that it accepts Mastercard.

Tried the one at the MRT station but it didn’t work, so we gave up and walked to the DBSbank ATM we saw on the way to the hostel. Tried once by it didn’t work, figured that maybe we were choosingthe wrong options so we tried again and it worked! It started dispensing NTD! We were so happy we started squealing inside the small space where the ATM machines were, out of sheer excitement that we could finally shop more! Hehe.

Day 9

Accompanied Angelo to the hairdresser’s to translate for him the new hairstyle he wanted for the summer.

He wanted this subtle Mohawkhairstyle that he had spotted from a movie and got Angel to take photos of it from his computer to show the hairstylist. Went for dinner then the both of us headed back to SOGO to grab some stuff at the supermarket and Angel wanted to get more of her moisturiser from Watsons. And I wanted to shop somemore at WuFenPu, so we headed off there too. Spent all the cash that we had and returned back to the hostel.

Our room was filled with all our shopping bags. There was barely any space left to walk.

We had a hard time packing our luggage, trying to stuff everything into our luggages. I was so scared that my luggage might be overweight. When I finally zipped the thing up, it was burst at the seams! So scary! The image of the luggage bursting open during flight kept replaying in my head.

It was Wednesday again, and off to the nearby club we went for the 4 free drinks. We barely made it there before 11pm.

I didn’t drink any alcohol this time, as the drinks at Roxy (that’s what the club is called) aren’t the type that I like.

Angel and I concluded that when Caucasians want to make you dance, they go all out to make you dance, like swinging your arms about and making you sing with them out loud. While Taiwanese guys are more meek and shy, they usually start out by introducing themselves and asking you your name. Anyway, we spent our last night in Taipei watching people dance and Darren and Wesley swing Angelo about. Heh.

Day 10

Took a cab to the airport and the cab driver happened to be one that married a Singaporean wife. So he was being all nice and stuff (as we’re Singaporeans). He even taught us how to make mango ice (buy mango, slice and dice them, marinate them in sugar, buy shaved ice blablabla)! Then he was telling us all the businesses that he’s tried before and what future businesses he had planned to start (mostly Singapore food like Soursop ice dessert thingy?). And he only charged us 1000NTD four cab ride! Heh.

Then we were seated beside this European guy (I think he’s European) in the plane who kept talking to us. Asking how many languages we could speak, telling us that he wanted to learn chinese but he’s too busy to, knowing how to speak 2 languages is not enough, he could speak goodness-knows-how-many languages, told us he lived somewhere in Robinson, complained that Singapore is getting too expensive to live in and that he should move back to Europe blablabla. He thinks fresh fruit juice in Singapore is expensive but yet he drinks Evian for water! When I told him I drink boiled tap water, he just stared at me. I think this Taipei trip has been… rather interesting. We’ve met pretty erm… amusing (?) people. Right, Angel? Haha.

There’s far more pictures here: CLICK CLICK

You might take some time to go through all the pictures, there’s like tons of them.


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3 thoughts on “10 days in Taipei

  1. jojo June 5, 2008 at 8:40 pm Reply

    taipei looks so fun. i want to go there play too. i shall go hint hint to mummy i want to go there. hehs.the toilet bowl restaurant looks so cute. that girl’s my new friend but kinda like flo’s longtime friend. hahah they knew each other since primary sch but never talked to each other before. :/ come melbourne~~

  2. laine June 8, 2008 at 12:51 am Reply

    haha. taipei is not bad and their watsons is super nice to shop in! heh.

    i’m still figuring out where to go! (:

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