It’s damn happening to go out with JT

Went off to a beach in Tuas area with JT (01 August 2008). It’s super ulu and it’s mostly empty. And why is the title of this post as such, check out the image below:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Anyway, JT wanted to tan and she’s told me about this beach in Tuas. It’s so quiet there that it’s like your very own private beach. So we headed out!

It was a relaxing time nibbling on sandwiches and trying to find little sea creatures to catch. There were crabs, fishes and hermit crabs! But the fishes swam way too fast for us to catch, the hermit crabs were really small. Then we found this large crab hiding underneath a mass of rope. We pulled it out of the water and tried to detach it from the rope, but it refused to let go! It was a massive tug-of-war between me and the crab. We even have a video to prove it (but I’m too lazy to upload it online)!

Anyway the tug-of-war caused the crab to lose a few of its legs and it died later in the evening. I’m heartbroken.

Pictures from the digicam (and some of the film ones) are on Facebook and the film ones are on Shutterfly.

The place is lovely by the way, just really out-of-the-way to get there.


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