H left.

Our Korean friend left us!

I took a whole week off work, a little last minute and I feel pretty bad about it because Colleague W kinda flipped a little. Especially with the whole office move thing going on. Gah.

So, the week was spent hanging out with the usual clique of people, and an overnight stay at the Hotel 81 in Dhoby Ghaut. A came back from Melbourne, so we all headed to the airport to welcome her home as well as to Skype with M. There was much drama trying to confirm A’s arrival time back. Because, there was no such flight scheduled for the plane stated on her ticket! Super hilarious.

Counting score

Playing Uno into the night, till N could take it no more and fell asleep. Me, H, T and S were fighting to see who could get the highest score. By the way, the lower your score the better. Sigh, A had all the luck! The four of us were pushing 500, going into 600 soon while N was pushing the 400 point and A was still happily sitting at the 200 point! We tried to raise A’s points, but someone always had to screw up and foil our attempts!

Meat oh meat.

Meat oh meat.

Soon S collapsed too, and T started to bring up past events again. When public transport started running again, A, H and I left. A and I headed off for breakfast first at PS before heading home. I managed to catch a few minutes of shut eye before heading down for my dental appointment. Then headed home again to nap for a couple of hours before heading out again in the evening for some BBQ meat at Geylang. Couldn’t eat much because I just had my braces tightened :(. H was happy that he could eat more this time though, because his wisdom tooth was causing him much pain the last time we were there.

The next day was H’s departure day. So fast!

At the airport

At the airport

T made some story thing along the theme of the show ‘Friends’ and I was sadly not given a role. Boo. Haha. I thought the collage that we made was pretty. And we were in a mad frenzy trying to find a card to write in. A and I were combing T1 for a gift shop that sold cards. We were almost driven to getting him a postcard to write our farewells and well wishes. But thankfully, we found one. Though, the selection wasn’t exactly wide.

More pictures on Facebook!

Another one gone, soon it’ll be my turn as well as N. Gotta settle my visa stuff soon too. Need to collect my passport as well. Argh, much to be done!


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2 thoughts on “H left.

  1. Daniel November 24, 2008 at 11:56 pm Reply

    Where is PS? The Barbecue meat looks so nice. Lol.. Have to know the place. So want to go there. Lol.

  2. Laine November 25, 2008 at 12:05 am Reply

    PS is Plaza Singapura in Dhoby Ghaut and the meat place is in Geylang, Singapore’s red light district. Haha.

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