Half done

I finally collected my new passport so that it’ll last me throughout my entire university course, finally applied for my visa. And now, all I have to get done is my medical checkup, book air tickets and settle accommodation. Sigh, still lots to be done. Eh, when are my parents coming back too? Don’t think I can start booking my plane tickets with them overseas. GAH. See, slowing things down. Tsk.

The wait to collect my passport was surprisingly fast. I thought I would have to wait for at least half an hour before it got to my turn. But no! There was absolutely no wait at all. Pretty happy, so I gave them a great feedback when I was asked to fill one up. Just that, the couple at the other counter beside mine, stole my chair, so I had to stand filling up forms, giving my thumbprint blablabla. Bet I looked like I was sitting down anyway to the lady behind the counter.

Anyway, I finally got to try the Sakae Sushi buffet! Just nice, I was having this sushi-craving thing. Hehe.

Me, feeling sad that my food is still not here!

Me, feeling sad that my food is still not here!

I want to go again! More pictures on Facebook. After our sushi lunch, D had to head off to school, me and A went off to IDP so that I could apply for my student visa and A had some enquiries about university transfer stuff, and T went off to play LAN while waiting for us as we wanted to go catch a movie later on in the afternoon.

While I was talking to the counselor, A suddenly went all high and excited. Apparently, she heard someone at IDP saying H was calling from Korea. Tsk, he bothers to call IDP from Korea and not call any of us?! Tsk. Anyway, hope it’s not because something went wrong with his visa or something.

Went to see Wild Child with T when we were done at IDP, I thought it was a really girly show. Rather heartwarming when it comes to the part about Friendships though. Awww…

While waiting to enter the theatre, as we had about an hour till the start of the movie, we went off to play Team Fortress 2. It was uber fun playing with other people online, and I thought it was especially fun because there were many more people to play with, your team was larger, etc. More people = more fun, seriously. Each team had about 10 people, so it was rather exciting. I wanna play again!

Been busy at the office today, taking pictures for the new employee pass and packing for the move to the new office. Am so, so tired right now! And I am now an expert at folding boxes! WAHAHA.

Ok, brain is not working right now. Sorry for the boring post.

Edit: A has insisted that I mention this, she was listed as one of the top 3 players in her team in Team Fortress 2. Which, I would like to add, is extremely rare given the fact that she is not exactly a fan of LAN games. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Half done

  1. angel November 29, 2008 at 1:46 am Reply

    elaine! you never mention i was in the top 3 for one game! super rare okay?! wahahaa.

  2. Laine November 29, 2008 at 4:31 pm Reply

    add already lah, happy now. haha.

  3. Daniel December 6, 2008 at 1:12 pm Reply

    Hmm… Glad to know you have done something. Getting a bit tight to get everything ready though. As you know it takes a lot of organising to be able to study overseas. So troublesome one….

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