The year’s almost done!

The year 2008 is almost over, and I think I’m going to miss it. I think I spent the whole of this year… not studying. Like wow, that’s a first! A whole year off studying! Anyway, it’s not like I’m not studying and doing nothing but rot at home, growing fat in front of the TV. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been working. Heh. And today, I had to cover receptionist duties again for the… I-don’t-know-what time. Think it’s the 4th time. I don’t think I’m a great receptionist, let’s just say… I don’t think I’m an outgoing person, so I don’t really know what to do with strangers, be it face-to-face or on the phone. So yeah… I think it’s a rather stressful to be a receptionist! Gah.

While I was downstairs playing receptionist, I’m unable to access my office email, so it kinda means I can’t do as much. Thus more free time! Yay, so I took the time to catch-up a little on the book I’ve been trying to finish.

Behind the counter

Behind the counter

I’m currently reading ‘Marley and Me’. It’s such an awesome read! It’s a really light book, really easy to read. I think everyone should read it, especially dog lovers. I’m almost done with it, and there were touching parts which threatened to cause tears. I had to put it down a couple of times to prevent myself from tearing behind the recep counter. It’ll be so weird to be caught tearing!

And the reception counter only had ONE pen. And the thing about the reception counter is that, lots of people walk by it the whole day. And because people are passing by it all the time and it’s located just outside the meeting rooms, people tend to come out to borrow the pen. The one and only pen. So I got frustrated after a while, having to need to use the pen to sign for receiving parcels and such but only to find out after searching high and low for it a couple of minutes later that someone had decided to borrow it and had not returned it yet. I went up to my workstation to get a couple down to use. Oh, oh, and because I was downstairs manning the reception counter, I got a day off packing for the office move! Wahaha. It’s been a tiring few weeks lately with all the packing and moving and all.

Last weekend, went out with A to catch Cape No. 7 and to shop about Funan for a camera for A and a potential phone for me. Ended up having dinner at a Thai restaurant there instead. And it was pretty good! And we ate A LOT.

Food for 2!

Food for 2!

We order like 4 dishes and a plate of pineapple rice for the both of us. Later we found out that the table behind us only order 3 dishes for 3 people. And for 2 we ordered 5 different things?! Uh huh, it’s a no wonder that I’m putting on weight, though I was hoping that all the new weight put on is really just muscle from all the moving and packing I’ve been doing lately. But then again, I think that’s just self consolation. Hehe. Me and A have concluded that we’re big eaters. WE LOVE FOOD!

Our bill

Our bill

I can’t wait for the ‘Marley and Me’ movie to come out! And I’ve been online shopping way too much. Sigh, need more income. There’s so many more things that I wanna get before I leave the sunny island.

I’ve still not heard from the on-campus accommodation people, SIGH, looks like I might not be able to get on-campus accommodation. But I’m still hoping to hear from them. Ok, sounds contradicting but anyway, I hope you get what I mean.

Click to see more pictures of our weekend pig out. Hehe.

And the parents are back from Shanghai! And they brought back our Shanghai DVD player! Woohoo, it should work better than the current one at my grandmother’s place, although the pause button on the remote control is shot, think I utilised it to it’s fullest potential while in Shanghai. I paused to read subtitles, paused to eat, paused to go to the toilet, paused and paused and paused till the button decided to stop working on fine day. Haha.


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2 thoughts on “The year’s almost done!

  1. Daniel December 6, 2008 at 1:18 pm Reply

    Man, the food must have been kind of good if the meal was so expensive. Was it worth the money?? Lol… Everyone always wants lots of stuff. I think you should get it before you leave for Australia. So expensive it is crazy. Lol.. Extra money is always good.

  2. Laine December 7, 2008 at 6:29 pm Reply

    it wasn’t too bad! the pineapple rice was good.

    yeah… might get it before i leave.

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