My phone just went kapoot ): and another balloon entry

I guess my phone’s lifespan is almost up. I should have guessed from the symptoms it displayed from before where it would suddenly switch off by itself for no apparent reason, or just suddenly restart itself. But then after a while, it returned to normal and never displayed such symptoms again. Today, the whole thing went crazy, making it almost impossible for me to use without feeling nauseous.

Cranky screen

See, the screen is all messed up. And this is the the standby screen that I see when I flip open my phone, and when I press to see the menu, the screen starts scrolling from right to left which makes me feel really dizzy when I try to navigate about my phone to say… send a message.

Scrolling screen

Scrolling screen

If you can see from the picture above, all I did was type hello on the screen and it keeps replicating itself going down the screen, driving me nuts when I try to read a message sent to me or when I try to send something out. I felt so giddy after trying to read a couple of text messages sent to me and gave up replying totally now. Looks like it’s really time to get a new phone, been thinking of getting one and thought maybe this phone could last a little longer. But apparently not. SIGH. Now, all I need is money to drop from the sky so that I can get the Sony Ericsson Xperia which I have been eyeing on for quite some time.

Unfortunately, it’s price tag is quite a put off. WHICH IS SAD BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE THE PHONE! So I had to transfer my target somewhere else like the Sony Ericsson G900 or the C905. Sigh, yes, I think Sony Ericsson phones are really easy to use. Hehe. That’s why I want to stick to this brand. Now… what phone to get? GAH.

Anyway, Friday was the Company’s soft launch for our new office. It’s a really pretty place! Even N thinks so. I was appointed the photographer for the event that day because the Company didn’t hire a professional one. I never knew my job scope was so wide when I sign up for the job! It was not included in my job description, seriously! I’m like an all-in-one temp or something. HR temp, receptionist and company photographer?! Am I versatile or what. So anyway, I hope the photos I took are to the bosses’ liking because the Company likes to keep photos of Company events. STRESS.

And it was pretty fun, because everyone was pretty high (maybe because of the alcohol) and excited about the new place. Took loads of pictures (that are meant for personal consumption, not to be released on the Company’s intranet), and everyone was having fun laughing, poking fun at each other and making jokes. Plus it was N’s last day at work, so everyone was kinda like giving their well wishes and saying their good byes to her.

We stayed till the caterers started cleaning up. And I took some of the helium balloons back, tugging them along with me into the MRT (yet again).

blue & green! company colours. heh.

blue & green! company colours. heh.

But this time, a MRT staff approached me and told me not to bring such balloons on the train again because he claimed that they contained hydrogen. No, they don’t. People no longer fill balloons with hydrogen to make them float because hydrogen is too reactive and therefore highly explosive. Thus, now people use HELIUM, which is very much less reactive because it’s a noble gas. Ok, enough of chemistry. I never expected myself to remember all that after not studying for so long! So anyway, I did mention softly that they are not filled with hydrogen but I’m not too sure if the staff heard me. I still managed to get onto the train with them anyway. Don’t think I will do that again though, because everyone was staring at me. Hehe.

Headed down to church after work with balloons in tow. Caught a small kid staring at all the blue and green balloons, so I offered her one which the parents thanked me for because they were having a hard time getting her to go home (yeah, they told her that she could only have it if she agreed to go upstairs). Haha, glad it helped. The kid was really cute too. And her dad thought I was a Filipino. (Insert blank expression here)

I learnt how to make a flower with balloons!

my awesome flower

my awesome flower

I’m kinda proud at myself, because I think I almost had a mini heart attack making it as I was so scared that the balloon will burst, but I managed to finish it with my heart still intact. This flower was later hijacked by Charity, who had balloon flowers in her hair, arms and leg. See those legs in the picture? That’s her, and if you look close enough, you can see a purple flower on her left leg. She was waiting for me to finish with this photo so that she can have my flower on her other leg. This is actually my second flower, the first that I made failed because I forgot to tie something and my flower petals started shrinking into nothing. Therefore, FAIL. BOO HOO, had to make another with all the paranoia that the long piece of air-filled rubber might give decide to burst right in my face.

The place was filled with balloons at the end of the night, balloon dogs, flowers, swans blablabla. Prata afterwards, and then home. Missed my Little Nonya show! I wonder what happened, might check out the website that A gave me later for the show. She said we can catch it online there if we happen to miss out on an episode. And I’m currently feeling devastated that the Japanese photographer guy died! SO SAD. Ok, it’s been a long time since I’m this into a local Mediacorp series.


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3 thoughts on “My phone just went kapoot ): and another balloon entry

  1. angel December 8, 2008 at 3:00 pm Reply

    you never watch that episode ar? so nice and sad. i think i cried!

  2. Laine December 8, 2008 at 10:52 pm Reply

    yeah… i didn’t get to see it! sob. and i haven’t tried the website yet. heh.

  3. Daniel January 13, 2009 at 3:46 pm Reply

    Sony Ericssons are good phones. So much so that I want to get one after my phone goes Kapoot. I have never seen a phone go on the spritz like your one before. So cool :p. Ah well. New phones are always good. (I think) Nice to see you are enjoying life.

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