Flo and Mr Donkey

Flo dropped by Singapore. It’s been a long time since the 4 of us gathered around like this. Been more than a year, according to Flo.

Ate so much the first day. Felt so bloated after that. Jt’s friend, who helped us take this photo, asked Jt if I was a Peranakan. She said that I didn’t exactly look Chinese, and neither did I exactly look Malay so she guessed Peranakan. I think she’s been watching too much 小娘惹 (Little Nonya). Haha, people hardly make that guess.

Flo got stomach flu after that so our plans for the second day got cancelled. So the remaining 3 of us went off to Jumbo for Chilli Crab ourselves.

We got bibs to protect our clothes from the Chilli Crab sauce!

The crab was yummy. After that we went off to get tickets for Twilight, since we had time in between we went to hijack Flo at her hotel. Click to see more pictures on Facebook.

I’m completely smitten with Twilight. I want to read the book series.

Oh, and Flo. Remember when we called and said that we were really near and were already walking towards the hotel when we first called (The very, very, very first phone call)? We were actually still at The Cathay Building and said that so that you have no choice but to allow us to go visit you at your hotel. Wahaha. Eh, it was all to visit a sick friend, ok. I hope you only see this when you get back to Shanghai. 🙂 Heh.

Next day (which is today!), it was caroling/storytelling at KK Hospital with our Donkey Mascot! We had fun playing with the costume and I’ve never sang so much in my 19 years of life. Click to see more pictures on Facebook. Sang till the brain lacked air.

Rocking it yo.

Too tired to type more, go check out the pictures instead.

Stop animal abuse! Haha.

Stop animal abuse! Haha.

 Ok, one last photo.

With your friendly nurses

With your friendly nurses


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One thought on “Flo and Mr Donkey

  1. Daniel January 13, 2009 at 3:38 pm Reply

    Twilight didn’t look that good to me. Maybe because it looks a bit too romantic for me. Lol.. Whatever floats your boat!! Lol… I didn’t even realise there were novels that were linked to Twilight. Ah well. I learnt something today :p

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