I’ve finally got out of my hole (& Daddy update 2)

Ok, so recently I’ve holed myself up in almost complete isolation in a bid to finish the Twilight series of books. And, I’m glad to say that I’ve succeeded. I really wanted to update my blog right after I was done with my books, but due to some internet/phone bill issue thing our internet had to be cut off for a couple of days. Gah, just when I decided to tear my eyes away from Edward and Bella for a while.

Anyway, I took about a week or slightly more than a week to complete reading all 4 books (time to buy all four books included as well) of the Twilight series. So I’ve been pretty much immersing myself in the make-believe world of Twilight. The lines written are so sweet, I could feel myself swooning. I’ve been so engrossed that I’d read the books late into the night, as a result, I’ve been appearing at work with horrible dark circles under the eyes. My colleagues were shocked, think I gave them a scare or something. They couldn’t stop commenting. Sigh.

One morning, I found a note on my workstation when I arrived at work.

From Vic

From Vic

No wonder Vic and N are sisters huh.

Ok, Daddy update. Daddy is fine right now. He is still in hospital however, he was suppose to be home for Christmas. But brain fluid started to leak through his stitches and therefore they had to stop the leak and have him under observation. They’ve currently inserted a tube into his spine to drain some of the fluid out so that it’ll stop leaking through the stitches. Recently, I’ve been told that the doctor is going to take the tube out soon. But he’ll still have to stay for a while more so that they can make sure that the leak has stopped. Apparently the leak is caused by the removal of the tumor, which happened to be near the part of the brain that is producing the fluid. But I kinda suspect that that is my mum’s theory. Ha.

Before the leaking started

Before the leaking started

Taken when dad was asleep, wahaha. Now with the leak, they’ve wrapped his head up in bandages.

Me & Dad!

Me & Dad!

With a needle in his spine now, dad can’t move around much. He has been sentenced to remain lying down. Which means, he can’t fight for food with me! Wahaha, as per his previous hospital stays, I’ve been making trips down to the hospital everyday to nibble on some of the food that people have been bringing for him. Who can say no to good food, right?

So, no worries everyone! Daddy is ey-oh-kay! Thanks for all the prayers.

My Christmas this year was a quiet affair. Not like it was a really loud affair to start with. But it was spent with friends 🙂

T’s out of camp for Christmas and suggested we meet up. Nice seeing the guys again after so long.

A tried really hard to capture a picture of his new hairdo, think she’s aspiring to become the paparazzi (totally kidding). Unfortunately, T didn’t want his picture taken. That is why you can see the top of my head there. But A still managed to get a picture anyway. Haha.

Ts new do!

T's new do!

Wishing everyone a belated Merry Christmas. I know, I know. I was too engrossed in reading Twilight that I didn’t post up my Christmas greetings on time. Better late than never, no?

Me & A

Me & A


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