Quiet good byes

Today was my last day at work.

My workstation at the new office

My workstation at the new office

It was quiet good byes and well wishes from the people I’ve been working with. And I unfortunately left behind one of my christmas gifts from a colleague! Sigh. I thought the cow looked cute! Hopefully I’ll be able to get it back soon. Boohoo.

I think I might actually miss that little corner of mine. Although, my last day was a little hectic, with me trying to get as much done as possible. Everyone in the department was really nice and all. It’s kinda sad to leave all these nice people. But I’m kinda looking forward to not waking up early in the morning and getting out of bed only in the afternoon. Heh.

Hard at work yo.

Messy hair

Yeah, I always look disheveled at work because I’m usually too busy to bother about how I look.

Hello holiday (:


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