From then till now

This year’s birthday was a quiet one. And I’d like to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes! Thank you for remembering.

The family

The family

It was a belated birthday celebration for me. I slept half the day of my birthday away. So I kinda turned 20 in my sleep, haha. And all I did for my birthday was to attend this MOH tea session about scholarships for Health Sciences.

It was a buffet lunch with the family. And as everyone can see from the picture above, my dad is very well. Well enough for a buffet. So nothing to worry y’all! He is recovering really well at the moment. (:

And the clique got me tickets to the Cinderella musical at the Esplanade.

The girls (missing M)

The girls (missing M)

The musical was ok I guess. It was all that great, and I guessed it was probably because we already knew what was going to happen. You know, everyone knows this fairytale all too well right? But I liked the way they did the magical parts, like how the fairy godmother transformed the pumpkin into a carriage. It was really well done, pretty magical.

Anyway, the hype for my birthday was kinda overpowered by the Health Sciences scholarship thing. My parents are hoping that I’ll get it. So am I, I guess. It’s a pretty generous scholarship and it’ll be awesome if I were to be awarded it.

Meet PH

Meet PH

So, after speaking to a couple of people at the tea session. One said that they’ll try to squeeze me into an interview session this Friday. And the day after I received an email requesting me to reply with my documents etc. The next day I head out to PH’s hostel as I didn’t have a scanner at home to scan my results etc. Thank God for friends like these, who are able to help you out under such short notice. Oh, and I got to check out her hostel room.

PH busy scanning away

PH busy scanning away

It’s a pretty simple place, and it got me wondering if where I’d be staying in Adelaide is something like this as well.

The bed

The bed

Note the huge box of Oreos that PH was feeding me. No wonder I’m putting on weight. Sheesh.

All her stuff

All her stuff

Oh, and her room smells of mothballs. PH claims she placed loads of them in her room because she was afraid of bugs coming in. Haha. Never knew mothballs repels bugs, do they? I thought they were meant to absorb moisture of some sort. Haha.

Ok, random picture of my mum getting her hair dyed.

Getting ready for the New Year (:

Ok so, after scanning all the stuff at PH’s, I headed home to email them over. It took a super long time because there were a lot of files and Hotmail wasn’t being really cooperative. So I was late for dinner at my granny’s place. Sigh.

Oh! And I just got an email asking me to head down for the interview on Friday. Eeks, fingers crossed. I hope I get it.

I just realised that this post is so incoherent. Sorry! It’s probably because I’m pretty worn out right now. Ever since I stopped working, I kinda packed my schedule meeting up with different people, running errands and stuff. And I just got home not too long ago after meeting A for a movie, shopping and food. Oh, OH! I got a pair of DKNY jeans for only SGD$50! What a steal! And another pair of pants from Pull and Bear for SGD$19.90. I love sales. But going out with A always causes me to spend more than I plan to spend. Need to save! Need to save!

Counting down: 23 more days till Australia.


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