Mmm… Hmm…

The lack up updates is because I’ve been busy going out everyday meeting up with people and all. I’m leaving in 7 more days people! So I’ve been trying to catch up with as many people as I can before I leave. Actually, up to today, I’ve been meeting the same few people. Haha.

Dad's side

I always look forward to CNY not only because of the awesomely yummy goodies but the whole atmosphere of the whole family getting together. Plus, some relatives I only get to see them once a year.

Mums side

Mum's side

Of course, the red packets are a major draw too. But I usually enjoy the food the most. Heh.

And I finally got to try out the Luge at Sentosa! It was plenty fun. But if only the ride were longer, but still I enjoyed it.

The Skyride thingy

The Skyride thingy

And for some odd reason, I’m suddenly in contact with people I haven’t talked to in years.

before a movie

before a movie

So, this is just a short short update. Oh, I’ve yet to start packing my stuff for my move too. Eeeks. The luggage is currently sitting on the floor in a plastic bag. At least it’s no longer sitting on top of the cupboard. Oh, did I mention I got a haircut too? I’ve got bangs now, again. I think I look a bit weird though, and my hair is suddenly stick straight.

More pictures on Facebook.


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One thought on “Mmm… Hmm…

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