I attempted to blog via my mobile phone during lecture today, but the stupid Flinders network kicked me out and my whole post got erased 😦

No, not that I’m being a terrible student, not listening to class. But I can’t help it that I’ve already learnt what was being taught today. Me and AA were busying Facebooking since we’ve already covered today’s section of anatomy in high school. So, the iPod Touch and a Smartphone really came in handy, yes? Hehe.


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One thought on “Meh

  1. Daniel March 17, 2009 at 6:22 pm Reply

    Tsk Tsk. Not good Elaine 🙂 Everybody pretty much does that in lectures. I know I did. I have always thought that lectures are a waste of time. Some may be good but the majority aren’t.

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