Le Sigh.

I slept at 1am-ish last night, and woke up at 10.30am this morning. I couldn’t get back to sleep, I remembered dreaming. The dream was so strange, so strange that I can’t seem to remember it after I woke up. Tossed and turned, hoping to fall back to sleep again but obviously failed. After the girls decided to leave me un-entertained after our Skype conversation, I was left to stare at my room walls. I WAS SERIOUSLY BORED. Like, how can I be bored on a weekend?! HOW CAN HOW CAN?! It just doesn’t make sense. I never get bored on a weekend in Singapore (or Shanghai for that matter). NEVER! (then again, ok, maybe a few times but still…) And yet this strange feeling has caught me unprepared. Er, unprepared in a way.

So, I…

  • Immersed myself into the DVD world that AA lent me
  • Stopped watching the DVDs and went on to stare at the ceiling fan while lying on my bed
  • Called TD but he failed to provide me with anything to occupy myself. Boo
  • Read my mobile’s instruction manual (what in the world was I thinking?!)
  • Received a text from AA saying that she was bored too!
  • Realised that my housemates have magically disappeared and that the place was amazingly quiet
  • Decided to take a walk to the main campus with AA
  • Terrorised the ducks
  • Avoided stepping on disgusting duck shit
  • Walked further into the campus to find this awesome carpark with a view
  • Regretted not taking my camera along
  • Went on to walk further down the road
  • Realised that the road was bringing us back to the bridge again
  • Went back to the Village
  • Had dinner at AA’s place
  • AA asked why I call her AA on my blog and not AK (her last name starts with K). It’s easier to type ‘AA’ than ‘AK’ because ‘A’ and ‘K’ are so far apart on the keyboard! Haha
  • Went back and took a shower
  • Zoned out for a while
  • Called TD, but he didn’t pick up
  • Started making a stupid list of the things I’ve done today
  • TD called back but couldn’t entertain me. Boo.
  • Almost called A because I’m that bored, just to disturb her

My housemates are still not around, and the house isn’t usually this quiet. It’s weird. 

Ducks at school

Ducks at school, the ones I was terrorising

Random note: I want to eat duck rice. Why doesn’t Prima Deli have a box for that like Chicken Rice? Tsk.



Anyway, even though I didn’t have a camera, I have a phone that has a camera!

At the carpark

At the carpark

AA had her camera, but a camera without a memory card = not a very useful camera. Sigh. And she has officially declared that our campus is way better than Mount Lofty. No idea why because I’ve never been to Mount Lofty.



AAs creation

AA's creation and my dinner for today

Because I’m so bored, I’m going to try to recall what has happened these past few days.

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

J, one of my housemates made cookies and pizzas for all of us in our unit.

Mini pizzas

Mini pizzas

Since you asked, M. Both your cookings taste different, so I can’t really say whose cooking/baking is better. And you mostly made cookies and brownies for us rather than pizzas. Can’t compare! Heh.

Cheesecake flavored yogurt

Cheesecake flavored yogurt

I tried Cheesecake flavored yogurt, which was pretty good. But I think I still prefer the real thing. Talking about it makes me feel like having some cheesecake now. Gah, not good.

Fried rice

Look Ma! I can cook!

Attempted cooking fried rice and have concluded that I need to get a bigger pan because all the food kept spilling over, littering the stove with bits of cabbage, carrots and rice. Spilt food = lots of cleaning up to do = not good, because Elaine is a lazy person. And it’s amazing that I can cook edible food because all I ever find myself cooking back home is instant noodles.

I wonder if the fridges here are made differently from the ones back home because the darn thing keeps freezing my food. My eggs have unfortunately been frozen solid hard.

Frozen egg anyone?

Frozen egg anyone?

Wanted to wait for the egg to defrost but figured that by the time it did, my rice would have burnt to crisp in the pan. So I threw it away. It would probably take an uber long time for it to melt back into the gooey mess it’s suppose to be.

Since the frozen raw egg looks just like a hard boiled egg (just not as white), if I threw it into hot water, will it still remain the same shape or will it melt first then start cooking? Shouldn’t have thrown that egg away after all. Pfftt.

Anyway, I’ll probably head to bed. Wonder what I’ll be dreaming about tonight. I’ve been having dreams lately, but it’s those type of dreams that I forget once I’ve woken up. The only thing I remember about them is that, they’re weird.


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7 thoughts on “Le Sigh.

  1. angel March 14, 2009 at 8:16 pm Reply

    wahaha. you wanted to call me? how funny can you get? i think im surround y very funny people. lucky you didn call me i was trying my best to study while reading korean entertainment news. ah. super junior got new song. wahaha. on a side note, i just finished watching yamada taro bla bla bla. ahhh, the taro didn get together with the girl ah?

  2. angel March 14, 2009 at 8:16 pm Reply

    wahaha. you wanted to call me? how funny can you get? i think im surround by very funny people. lucky you didn call me i was trying my best to study while reading korean entertainment news. ah. super junior got new song. wahaha. on a side note, i just finished watching yamada taro bla bla bla. ahhh, the taro didn get together with the girl ah?

    • Laine March 14, 2009 at 8:32 pm Reply

      haha! yeah! i was so bored! studying while reading entertainment news is not called studying, angel!

      anyway, i didn’t finish the yamada taro show. think i stopped at episode 4 or something because i moved back to singapore while they were still showing it in japan. so i have no idea which girl you’re talking about!

  3. angel March 15, 2009 at 7:13 pm Reply

    haha. i cant study without the internet! anyway, i did remember what i studied yesterday. this is my form of effective studying. wahaha. im tired now. woke up super early for church today.
    oh you didn finish watching ah. go watch. not bad. i somehow laugh more when i watched the tawanese version. mybe its because i was stil young and innocent then. i have grown up now! haha

  4. Daniel March 17, 2009 at 6:13 pm Reply

    Nice view from the park. The area you live looks quite good. Better than I expected :p Looks like you are settling in well, which is a very good thing indeed. Congratulations on the fried rice. It does look quite good. There has to be more stuff to do in Adelaide than you describe. Ah well, I am quite bored in Perth as well. :p That egg looks quite cool. I haven’t seen an egg that looks like that before, but I don’t cook so meh!!! How come you suddenly decided to cook? Always a good time to start learning to cook though. NIce to see that you have good room mates.

    • Laine March 17, 2009 at 7:19 pm Reply

      Haha, my campus is way up on a hill thus the view of everything else below. Awesome view but it also means that you’re away from everything else! A good view comes with a price I guess. Maybe Adelaide has more to offer, but I’m currently broke and don’t really have the finances to get out! Ha.

      The egg is actually a frozen raw egg. Sigh. It’s not suppose to get frozen though! One wasted egg! I’ve been cooking all these while! Haha, my accommodation doesn’t cater my meals for me, so I have to cook my own. This is just one of the many meals I’ve been cooking.

  5. jasmine March 21, 2009 at 3:40 pm Reply

    the egg!! so interesting!

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