First assignment done!

I’ve survived my first uni assignment and I hope that I’ll pass. Hehe.

And I finally have more than AUD$17 in my bank account. THANK GOD. I was going to starve because my food supply was start to run low and would probably just last me a few days more if the money still didn’t come in. Thank God for people like AA and TD and my housemates who’ve been feeding me food as well. Ok fine, TD only gave me ice cream and cookies but it’s still food. And I’ve been having random ice cream cravings recently and have expressed them to AA who’ve also caught on to it. WAHAHA. For the past week or so, I’ve been texting her messages that expressed my need to get ice cream into my system and made her walk all the the way to nearest Mac to get some ice cream. Hehe. Poor AA and TD were victims of my ice cream needs. Can’t help it that I’ve got a sweet tooth!

Anyway, my next assignment is to be due soon, but I’m procrastinating, obviously, since I’m here blogging. And I just cleaned my room today! My study table finally doesn’t have a layer of dust on it. It’s crazy dusty here.

To celebrate the fact that I finally have money to go grocery shopping, AA and I headed out to Central Market yesterday, which is in the city. And we finally got some yummy Japanese food. Did I mention that the portions here are huge?



I remembered walking past the shop while I was out shopping with 2 of my housemates and I made a mental note to come back one day to try it out. So the day that AA and I were in the city, we were both hungry souls, I suggested that we could try the food there. Plus, I finally had money to give myself a little treat.

Happy AA

Happy AA with our table number

We quick decided what we wanted and waited impatiently for our food. We were really hungry. But the wait wasn’t really long and the food came promptly. Finally, food that isn’t cooked by me!

Katsu Don

Looks good right?

I had Katsu Don and AA had Oyako Don. And both were pretty good.

Taking momentos

Taking momentos

And we both have this thing of taking photos of our food. Hehe.

And yesterday was the day that AA found out that Katsu Don is in fact pork not chicken. We were both debating over it during one of the day that we walked out to Mac for ice cream. Haha.

At the end of our meal, I was awfully satisfied and happy that I finally got to have some good Japanese food. But AA said that she ate too much. I have proof:

A really bloated AA

A really bloated AA

I finished the huge bowl of rice because I was happily enjoying my food. And wouldn’t it be sad to see such good food go to waste? A pity they didn’t have sushi though. But they have Pokka Green Tea! Which is sold at AUD$3.00! Twice the price of what we’ll get it at in Singapore. Boo. Need to find good green tea.

Just cleaned my room and did my laundry today. Woke up early for an observation at the hospital this morning and am feeling sleepy now. Oh, and I’m hungry too. Need to think of something to cook for dinner. Hmm…


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3 thoughts on “First assignment done!

  1. matt April 2, 2009 at 7:05 pm Reply

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Daniel April 3, 2009 at 11:58 pm Reply

    Wow, the dish seems quite big. Bigger than Perth. How much did you pay for it?

    • Laine April 4, 2009 at 11:43 am Reply

      If I remember it correctly, I paid AUD$8.50 for it.

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