I need a helmet.

I’ve concluded that if I want to survive till the day I graduate from university, I might need to get myself a helmet. No, wait. I might need a full body armor. The number of cuts and bruises that I’ve gotten ever since I got here is unbelievable, and the numbers are increasing. How have I managed to survive more than a month in Adelaide, I don’t know. It’s amazing. It’s like my parents have sent me to Adelaide, not to study, but for war.

Long random blabbering ahead, click below to continue reading.

I keep getting random bruises on my legs during my first few weeks in Adelaide, I don’t even know how I got them. Then I banged my knee against the road divider while trying to cross the road to get to class, it resulted in this nasty dark bruise that I got on my knee which refused to go away for weeks. And then! I cut myself with a bottle cap while trying to get a bottle of sesame oil to open, and I almost cut myself with a cereal box. A CEREAL BOX! A box which stores cereal, made up of cardboard!

Today I accidentally caused the blinds at our unit’s glass doors to fall. I was trying to get the doors open to let some air in for a little ventilation. The blinds were down, I started sliding the door open, I think the blinds got caught in the door or something and I didn’t realise it. The next thing I knew, the blinds came crashing down on me, narrowly missing my head and it ended up hitting my arm. Thank God, it wasn’t really heavy. But I was stunned for a moment, and so was my other housemate who was cleaning the kitchen. But she recovered faster than I did, and exclaimed “OMG!” before the word “Ouch” could escape my lips.

In response, my other housemates came rushing out of their rooms to be greeted by our fallen blinds amidst my little body. We collapsed into a cry of laughter before they attempted to fix the blinds back. Thank goodness for tall housemates! What will I ever do without them. Haha. Anyway, apparently they’ve concluded that I have super human strength to have managed to pull the blinds down. Oh, they’ve figured that I’m actually really a ninja and that I might, one day, ‘ninja’ them in their sleep. Yes, that’s right, ‘ninja’ is now a verb.

Why ninja? They’ve claimed that I can conceal my presence in the unit and walk around without them noticing me (no, it’s not because of my height that they don’t notice me. Tsk), therefore I’ve been labelled a ninja. I am now being introduced as our unit’s resident ninja. Haha.

There was once my housemates were discussing about something, and I was in my room. While they were talking, I came out to get myself a drink and at the same time they wanted to know what I think. So one of them proceeded to shout into the hallway, where the rooms are, when I was really just in the kitchen just beside the living room area. They didn’t even notice me walking out. Sigh. Not like I move around quietly on purpose.

And I’ve been ingesting too much ice cream into my system. My housemates and I walked out to the nearby Macs and I got myself an ice cream cone and some fries. After that, my housemate got me a Mcflurry. So I had an ice cream cone, a Mcflurry and fries this evening. Does that scream FATTENING or what. Gah.


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