Daily life

The new semester has yet to start and me and my housemates have been spending our day just hanging out in our unit. We’re gradually trying to get to know our new French exchange student housemate. But he’s been busy with orientations and stuff so sometimes we don’t really see him much. But we had a ‘pancake party’ last night, where he got a couple of his friends over to our unit. And we went out for a movie today.

We squeezed 7 of us into AM’s car. The original plan was to drive two cars to Marion (J and AM’s cars) but J’s battery went down and the car wouldn’t start. So we had seven people squeeze into AM’s car, and Hills volunteered to ride in the truck of the car. And she did that for both the drive to and from Marion. It was super funny because we were talking to her and at one point she didn’t reply us and we thought that she had suffocated or something. But it turned out that she just couldn’t hear us over the acceleration of the car.

Before this happened, Hills, AM and I were playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC. And we were laughing to hard on top of our shouting. We were going ‘No! Stop hitting me!’ and ‘Why isn’t he doing what I want him to?!’ whilst repeatedly hitting the buttons of the Xbox controller. Hills got so into the game that she slammed the controller into me instead of just handing it to me (we were taking turns to play), whilst being agitated that she had just lost to AM. It was a mad hilarious afternoon. Ah… I don’t want school to start.


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