Yet another road trip

It seems like my unit is a huge fan of road trips. Especially so when we have two Aussie housemates whose homes are within driveable distance. So, about two days after we got back from Horsham, we headed off to Port Augusta where J is from.

I love swings (:

I love swings (:

Compared to our Horsham trip, our Port Augusta trip is way shorter. We were only there for three days. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. And this time, our new housemate (the exchange student from France) came along. We’ll call him TP on this blog 🙂

Anyway, we left Adelaide pretty late and by the time we got to Port Augusta, it was dark. J’s mother was so excited when she heard that we were going to visit. So cute. When we got there, J’s brother called his friends over because we were there and also to point out that ‘Look! There’s an Asian!’ as well as the American (Hills) and the French (TP). But apparently I was told that they came because there was an Asian, I was amused and couldn’t help laughing when J’s mum told me that those boys don’t even speak to each other, let alone been in the house at the  same time before. J referred to us as the United Nations. Haha.

After dinner, we headed off to see J’s godchildren. Then headed back, chatted a little before heading off to bed. The next day we went around town and down to the Flinders Range. J showed us around town a little before we headed back to her place again. Her godchildren joined us for dinner and we were all busy helping take care of the kids (a three year old and 2 seven month old twins) and Hills and TP were having more fun than the 3 year old while playing with the train set. Hahaha.

After the kids went home, we hung out in the kitchen chatting to J’s family and when they went to bed, we stayed up to continue chatting in the hot tub (or jacuzzi, whatever you want to call it. My housemates call it the spa). The hot tub was awesome, it was nice and warm. I could see the steam coming from the warm water in the cold winter night’s air. We sat in the tub for ages, chatting, drinking, laughing, joking and probably bonding. No one wanted to get out hours later, although we were all turning into wrinkly prunes because we started to shiver the moment we got out of the warm water. Unfortunately, TP didn’t join us because he went to bed early. And when we asked if we should wake him up to join us in the tub, his response was ‘But it’s so cold!’ pointing out to the open. Yeah, cold it was, but the warm water was so comfy. We ended up taking turns to get out of the tub and running to the shower before turning in for the night.

Got up pretty early and left Port Augusta at about ten in the morning. I kept falling asleep in the car and barely paid attention to what the conversation was while we were driving back to Adelaide.

I thank God for giving me awesome housemates who get along. We always say that we’re like a family here in our unit.


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2 thoughts on “Yet another road trip

  1. jasmine July 30, 2009 at 5:52 pm Reply

    waaah you so shuang leh!

    i have stay here and deal with pink urine and purple sai!

    read the blog 🙂

    • Laine August 2, 2009 at 1:41 pm Reply

      hahahaha. read! dragon fruit eh. HAHA

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