Nothing much has been happening. And I’ve been feeling pretty restless these few days for some odd reason I don’t know. And I haven’t been having the motivation to study. All I want to do is just laze about my room right now. Or somewhere, basically, I just want to not do anything. Last night I was just telling AA and TD that ‘It’s only 11pm now?!?!’, time was crawling and I was feeling pretty lethargic (I think that’s the word), to which TD replied ‘That’s bedtime for most people.’. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m part of ‘most people’ because my bedtime is usually at around 1am-2am, that was why I was being all difficult and whiny. I wanted to go melt into my bed but it was too early be already be in bed. If you know what I mean, I don’t even know if I’m making any sense here. All I want to do now is nua somewhere. But yet, I don’t want to. Gah. But yet, I want to, but I feel like I should be doing something while I’m nua-ing away. You know? Okay, maybe you don’t, because I don’t think I’m making any sense right now. My brain isn’t churning out things that make sense at the moment. Pfftt…


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