Royal Adelaide Show

At the goat show thing

I have yummy apple and guava juice

Lots of people were talking about it. So AA and I decided that we would go and check it out. We spent the whole day on our feet walking around the show grounds checking out the rides and many various the stalls selling all sorts of things. We ventured from the stalls selling fruits, plants and what not, to the hall that had stalls selling show bags. They had tents up for food tasting, animal petting, goat shows, pig racing, cowing milking etc. The cows were taller than I am and I was pointing to the cows while telling AA ‘That’s the milk you’ve bought’ since Pura was demonstrating how they get their milk. She winced a little, hahaha.

The four of us made it back home with sore legs because we were walking so much. I slept really well that night, I was so tired at the end of the day. And, and, and… we’re going to attempt to fly the kite that we got at the show… one day. Haha. Not sure when that day will come though.


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