We saw whales, seals and penguins!

AA’s friend was here to visit, and she brought goodies from Singapore! AA’s mum got us mooncakes and bak kua. Yums. I was suppose to pay her back, but then AA said her mum decided that it’ll be a bribe for me to not pick on her daughter. Like, she’s the one who picks on me lor. Anyway, we headed out to Mclaren Vale and popped into a couple of the vineyards. Found yummy sauces, olive oil with lemon and dessert wine. After that it was off to Victor Harbour and we were lucky enough to catch the whales at The Bluff because whale season is supposedly over. We were just taking in the scenery when we heard the whales and couldn’t contain our excitement, okay. Maybe I couldn’t contain my excitement, not sure about the rest. Haha.

The things in the water are whales!

The things in the water are whales!

AA’s friend was freaking out during the car ride, especially when we were on the windy roads going at about 100km/h. She was holding onto the handle for her dear life, whilst suppressing her scream. I was slumped in the back seat laughing. Hehe.


I need to think of something to address them as on this blog

After watching the whales swim around in the water from The Bluff, we headed off to Granite Island to look for the penguins. Apparently the penguins swim home in the evening after spending the whole day looking for food, and by home I mean Granite Island. When the sun went down, the island seemed to start to come alive. We spotted a few random animals, no idea what they were. Then we caught sight of a couple of penguins, which was really exciting to me. Hehe. While making our way back to the car, we caught sight of a couple of the seals in the water too.

Me, AAs friend & AA

Me, AA's friend & AA on the bridge to Granite Island

It was an awesome day trip filled with lots of laughs and chocolate. I had an ice chocolate while at Mclaren Vale and then a hot chocolate when we were at Glenelg for dinner. Hee. I think it was the company that made the trip an awesome one. 🙂


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