Adelaide can be a little Zzzzz… at times, and doing assignments for long hours makes you just wanna sit and stare and do nothing. Okay, I’ve been told that I tend to space out a lot, but that’s not the point. Anyway, recently I just picked up fishing and whenever the weather’s good, we’ll head out to Brighton to catch some squid. Yesterday was the most eventful fishing trip. We caught 6 squids in total! Together with 2 squids from a previous catch, we had 8 squids for dinner last night. Haha.

Second Valley

Second Valley

We’ve tried our luck at Second Valley too, the place is so pretty with the clear blue seawater and the green hills. But we caught nothing there.

Still at Second Valley

Still at Second Valley

So we started climbing the rocks instead, haha.

Yesterday, other than catching the most number of squids ever, we spotted dolphins from the jetty! I was so excited I was screaming into the phone to TT about the dolphins. And then when I turned around, I saw that JTWW had caught a seagull with his fishing line.

Roast seagull tonight?

Roast seagull tonight?

The poor bird kept struggling. I was laughing my head off.

Anyway, we all ended up with a squid overload from last night and have decided to stay off the squid for a little while. Hehe.



The people at the jetty are usually really nice people (except one or two), everyone’s usually just standing around, making jokes, peeking into one another’s pail to see who’s caught what.

Fishing = An awesome way to destress.


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One thought on “SQUID~

  1. jasmine October 22, 2009 at 4:31 pm Reply

    thought you gonna also eat dolphins too…

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