It happened just before midnight

I was in my room, and Hills spotted this bug-cockroach-look-a-like thingy in our bathroom. Grabbed a cup and trapped said bug. Grabbed magazine and proceeded to throw said bug out of the door. I ran to open it while Hills threw it out, then I spotted an earwig trying to get in, suppressed a scream and quickly slammed the door shut but it still got in! Screamed and ran away from door, only to hear Hills scream too because she spotted a spider. Opened door again to throw out 2 millipedes, a beetle thingy, and the earwig that got in. Trapped earwig under cup, slide a magazine underneath and Hills picked it up, but before we could get it close enough to the door, we screamed because it almost got out. And everything just got thrown out of the door. Cup, magazine, bug… everything. And then I screamed for Hills to shut the door before more bugs got in.

Whenever there are bugs, I run screaming to Hills who’ll come armed with the cup. Hahaha.


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2 thoughts on “It happened just before midnight

  1. flo November 22, 2009 at 4:49 am Reply

    HAHAHA!!! our aparto also got insects.. those big fly-like things not sure what they are.. just that we do it a bit differently.. we deal with ours using magazines ^^

  2. paulyn December 15, 2009 at 1:25 am Reply

    woah! that’s hell of alot of bugs in one nite! it would be way too much for me to handle…thank God you have someone who can always run to your rescue with a cup…! ha. and the bit abt throwing everything out of the hse (including the magazine…), that’s what i would have done in the first place! ha. anyway cousin-burger, welcome back! 🙂 though i haven’t officially seen u yet! or are u bk in shanghai alr???

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