Surviving Uni 101

Now that summer holidays are edging closer, and we’re all heading home soon, we’re all trying to finish off our food to minimise wastage. Best way to do it? Invite your friends over for dinner or lunch or whatever meal you can think of.

It was lunch at TT’s place, then AA made dinner and we all had it at my place. Before that happened, I went running around pooling ingredients from TT and AA, so that Hills could make us chocolate chip cookies and lemon bars. SO YUMMY! Such things can only be done if everyone stays on-campus, or if everyone stays really, really close to each other. Or if you and your neighbours are pretty good friends. I mean sometimes we’re like, ‘We’re out of eggs, I’ll go ask if AA has some to spare‘ and then I’ll run up to her place to grab some eggs for whatever we were making. Like how I went up to her place 3 times today to get eggs, flour and sugar because we kept finding out we were lacking ingredients for the cookies and lemon bars whilst mixing everything together.

It’s always fun to share food.

But they made fun of my microwave rice cooker 😦


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