I can explain the disappearence

There’s a reason why this place has been stagnant. And here’s a catch-up:

CNY Day 1

First day of the Chinese New Year! Caught fireworks from the lift-landing on the eve of the new year, and then went on to bug the parents and grandparent for red packets. Hehehe.

CNY Day 2

Steamboat with the usual gang. For the record, I’ve never had sooooo much steamboat for CNY, ever.

Heart-shaped Reese's!

Then it was a whirlwind of catch-up sessions, shopping sessions and packing sessions to fit everything into my luggage.

Filled half of TT’s luggage with my stuff too.

Got back to Adelaide, slept like a log because I was so, so worn out. Then Hills finally moved in and I got heart-shaped and Christmas-tree-shaped Reese’s. The Christmas tree ones were from Katie, who got Hills to give them to me! So sweet. She knew I liked them so she got the Christmas ones for me, even though like, I’ve ever only met her on Skype. One of the many times I interrupted Hill’s Skype video conferences, hehehe.

Christmas tree ones! (:

School’s just started, and I’m trying to get out of the holiday mood and start major studying. The timetable’s horrible this semester, days mostly packed with classes. I already fell asleep during my first ever lecture for this year. Eeeks. Hehehe.


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