The journey so far


Left for Singapore the very next day when I finished my exams and had to do a stop-over in Melbourne. The flight got delayed and was depending on my laptop to provide me with entertainment. But at that crucial point it decided to not play my video and Melbourne’s airport doesn’t have free wifi?! Pfffttt… even Adelaide’s airport provides free wifi. I was not happy. It was a good thing J decided to get up that morning, just to say goodbye and me a book to read on the plane. It helped make time pass by faster 🙂

So, I haven’t been up to much in Singapore. Most of the time I have to be home to help mum take care of the dad.


Met up with the usual gang, played table tennis, played LAN. All was good. I even got to meet M after the longest time! It’s been about like… what? 2 years.

Met Flinders people for dinner. Yummy soba.

Met relatives from dad’s side for dinner. Cousin flew off to Perth.

Met Shanghai people.

Got stuck in Paragon’s stairwell because of said Shanghai people for 5 minutes before someone decided to take the stairs too. Warned lifesavers not to take said stairs. Got stuck because the lift decided to not to the floor we wanted to get to. So it stopped one level above, and we thought… why not take the stairs? Only to find out that the door locks on its own when closed. Laughed till my tummy ached, tried a couple of floors, all doors locked, contemplated going all the way down to the first level (we were on the 15th) and then two guys decided to to take the stairs and we managed to get out.

She's 74 now!

And celebrated grandma’s 74th birthday last night.

And… that’s what my life is like so far.


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