Daddy update

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This picture has nothing to do with this post. Haha.

It’s been awhile since the last update on my dad’s status. Reason being, I haven’t been updated much about him while I was over in Adelaide. I just get bits and pieces of what’s going on. Anyways, dad has lost his eyesight, as well as his speech. All he manages to get out nowadays are a bunch of ‘Ahhh’s or ‘Haiyooo’s, when he feels responsive, he nods or shakes his head in response to questions. But, he hasn’t been doing that as of late, so I’m wondering if his aphasia is getting worse or that trying to communicate is just that tiring for him.

Eating can be pretty tiring for him. Chewing just drains what little energy he has, so most of the time he has porridge or meal replacement fluids. But as of late, we realise that he has been having trouble swallowing liquids. So I’ve suggested that my mum to get thickeners, but I’ve been told that the doctor wanted him to get a nasogastric tube to prevent aspiration (omg, I know this. Ahh… so this is what uni is for). Mum isn’t too keen on it.

Dad can’t do anything himself now. He is basically bedridden and totally dependent on the care of others. Thus this trip back home to help my mum. Usually, when I’m awake, mum catches up on her sleep. So during my waking hours of 1.00pm-ish to 3.00am-ish, my mum tries to rest as much as she can.

I’m sorry if I haven’t been able to meet up and catch up with as many friends as I want to this break. Every time I head out, I have to make sure that someone will be around to help my mum out. It’s come to the point that it is difficult to manage taking care of my dad alone, so it’s always important to have two people home at a time. As such, I try not to go out too much.

And the brother is only back during the weekends when he gets to book out from camp. So, he can’t help much, and when he manages to get home during the weekends he is usually tired and sleeps pretty much most of the day. But whenever he is around, he helps with the lifting and all. Thankfully, recently we’ve got a new ‘lift’ thingy to help lift dad out of bed and onto the wheelchair, mum used to have to carry him and transfer him onto the wheelchair. Now with the new pump/lift thing, it makes things so much easier. And it seems that he is more comfortable being lifted with the lift/pump thing than being transferred manually, he looks less angry and uncomfortable after we started using the lift.

Basically, this is what has been going on in the house.

Everyone in the family is doing well. Think mum is most strained and exhausted amongst all of us, especially now when my grandma is down with a cold and sore throat, so it’s one less helping hand. The family has been blessed with many great friends, the fridge has been stocked up with food, the amount never goes down ’cause people have been buying food for us every time they visit. A family friend has been coming to drive dad to his doctor/physio appointments, lots of family/church friends have been over to help the mum out when she needed a break etc.

All in all, thank you all for your help and prayers.

Alright, dad is ah-ing in the room. Gotta go check on him.


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One thought on “Daddy update

  1. JASMINE July 28, 2010 at 4:10 pm Reply

    i laughed and i cried and i laughed again…you’re such a writer. guess you prefer me laughing right :’-) i wanna say, your dad, your mom, you, jo jo and popo deserved a medal each. love you elaine!

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