Get lost in Melbourne

I love how the Victorian state and the South Australian state have this little rivalry thing going on. I’m currently in Adelaide which is in the state of South Australia. Places like Melbourne is in the state of Victoria. This ‘rivalry’ can be seen in ads such as these:

And before you watch the next ad, watch this one first (it’s a tourism commercial to get people to visit Melbourne):

And then watch this ad!

Buahahahaha. Anyway that is not the main point of this post, but the ads do amuse me. Hehe. And it is also partially because I have a housemate who is Victorian and another housemate who is South Australian. And they occasionally do get into a bicker about the two states and stuff, and the Victorian explained to me that some Victorians like to think that Victorians are better blablabla that sort of stuff? I don’t know. I just kinda came to my own conclusion that it is because the two states are right next to each other thus the rivalry? Oh well.

The main point of this post, is that I went to visit Melbourne! But not because of the ads. The break came and in a spur of a moment, I found myself paying for a ticket with Tiger for a flight to Melbourne. The trip was a great breather for me, and all I did was eat, sleep, walk, shop. It was good! Plus I got to see Flo and Jojo who are graduating soon, and who knows when I’ll get to see them again? Especially since they are most likely to be in different parts of China, and goodness knows when I’ll get to visit Shanghai again since the mum isn’t sure if she’ll be returning there in the long run blablabla.

My flight was early in the morning, and I didn’t start packing my luggage till… around midnight? And then I didn’t get any sleep at all because I was up chatting to TT and JTWW over supper, which was a sad Mcdouble, which looked good in picture but not in your hand. Felt slightly cheated.

AA mentioned a few times about this ‘car park’ that the Melbourne airport has for Tiger flights. And I’ve been wondering… huh, what car park?? What do you mean they land in a car park? I’ve never taken a Tiger flight to Melbourne before, so I had no idea what she was talking about. But now I do. We had to walk on the tarmac from the plane, to the baggage collection area, which was, by the way, outdoors with the wind bellowing IN YOUR FACE. Pretty sure I couldn’t feel my fingers too well while I waited for my luggage to appear.

Took a Starbus, which dropped me right outside Flo and Jojo’s place. Collected the foldable bed and then I collapsed for a couple of hours before waking up to head out for lunch with Jojo while Flo abandoned us. Jojo brought me to a place in Chinatown for Japanese food, which was pretty good and it managed to fill me up before we headed out for a little bit of shopping. We wandered around the city, popping in and out of shops, but nothing caught my eye. I was sad. I was looking forward to shopping prior to flying over. When the clock struck 5.00pm, shops started to close and we were left with nothing to do. Then Jojo suggested that we watch a movie. We caught ‘The Last Airbender’ in 3D, which in my opinion was pretty good!


3D glasses!


Although after that, I was told that a lot of people found it really bad. Like the way people thought the Hollywood version of Dragonball was bad. Maybe because I’ve never seen the cartoon series, so the movie seemed okay to me. And now, I want to know what happens next! Might just end up watching the cartoon series. Tsk. Jojo was instructed to go ask her brothers what is going to happen next. Because the movie ended with an open end. And when is the next one going to be out?? Oh, and did I mention the first thing Flo said to me when she saw me? She said that I had to help her write her essay to the Japanese uni she was applying to. And I thought the whole purpose of me visiting Melbourne in the first place, was to have a holiday away without thinking about schoolwork!

The next day, headed out to visit Luna Park. It’s free to enter the place, but you’ll have to pay for each ride. Each ride costs about $10 and a ticket for unlimited rides is about $41 for student concession.


Touristy picture with the signature mouth


We decided that we should take a walk around to see if any of the rides interested us before we got tickets. Unfortunately, none of them did. I would say the park was more of a family amusement park with different rides that were suitable for kids of different ages. We were looking for more thrilling rides. So we left to wander about the vicinity nearby before heading back to the city. Was this the day we had Vietnamese food? Or did we not have dinner at all? Ah.. my memory fails me. Anyway, I tried macarooms from Brunetti. They have really pretty cakes there.


Passionfruit, blackcurrent, strawberry and nutella flavours


And the macaroons were yummy. The place was theming with people and they had a huge range of pastries too. I’d want to try the other stuff they have there the next time I’m in Melbourne again. Hehe. Yums.

Every night spent in the Melbourne is almost the same. Jojo would be the first to sleep because she is the only normal person out of the three of us with a normal sleeping pattern. Then Flo and I would be up watching something before heading to bed. And the 7 nights spent in Melbourne was spent catching up on the Korean version of ‘It Started with a Kiss’, although I’ve already seen the Japanese one and the Taiwanese one. Heh. Flo calls the main male lead (Kim Hyun Joong) my ‘errrghhh’ guy. No idea how she related that sound with him. Her logic towards certain things baffles me sometimes. Oh, and did I mention that she made supper (frozen garlic bread and canned soup) for me and that I am still alive? 😀 Pig must be able to fly now, me thinks.

Flo abandoned us again the next day. Lunch was yummy chicken rice at this place which I forgot what it was called. And they had sugarcane juice! It tasted different from the ones we get back in Singapore though, but I was so excited about it because I haven’t it in ages and I didn’t think it was possible to get sugarcane juice in Australia. And the chicken rice tastes like the ones we get in Singapore’s hawker centres. I was very satisfied. Haha.


The ticket


I did a lot of walking in Melbourne. Everywhere I went seemed to be within walking distance. We walked to ACMI to visit the Tim Burton exhibition. It was really interesting and we spent about 2 hours there, I think. The exhibition had Tim Burton’s sketches and scribbles for his movies and stuff, even props from his Batman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland movies; just to name a few. Sadly, photography wasn’t allowed. 😦 Visited the Lindt cafe before dinner, and they have new flavours for their macaroons! Champagne and olive. I tried the champagne one, but I wasn’t really fond of it because it had a really strong alcohol taste. I could feel it going through my nostrils. Those who like alcohol flavour stuff would probably like it.

Met up with A and made her bring me to Chadstone, which according to her, it’s suppose to be Melbourne’s largest shopping mall or something. Had lunch at Jone’s the Grocer, and I thought the open concept of the store was pretty nice. It had heaps of glass windows so the place was lighted up using natural light. The food was relatively good too.


Thanks for meeting up with me, A!


Got accessories from this shopping trip, but other than that, I didn’t see anything else worth buying. Which was sad… In fact, this trip I barely bought anything. Wanted to get this pair of Rubi shoes, but they either didn’t have the colour that I want or they didn’t have my size. I came back to Adelaide to look for it too, but again, same thing. Sigh. In the end, I came back with this huge bag of clothes that Flo tossed over to me, mainly because she didn’t want to bring them back to Shanghai.




Also, did I mention that this trip to Melbourne is probably the time when I’ve had to drink the most amount of water. As in plain water. Most of my friends here would know that if possible, I would avoid drinking water. If there’s tea, I’ll have tea, if there’s juice, I will have juice. So at my place in Adelaide, I have this jug of ribena. But obviously in Melbourne, without my jug of ribena, I was drinking water. I was almost tempted to text my friends in Adelaide to tell them that I have been drinking water over the length of the trip. So proud of myself I tell you. Haha.


Emo shot?


Sigh, A laughed at my camera because the lens cover thingy doesn’t open on it’s own anymore when I switch my camera on. Now I have to use my fingers to slide it open. Time to get a new camera! And with regards to the picture above, I started off smiling at the camera, and then got told off by A because it was suppose to be an emo shot. Quoting A…

“Emo picture, cannot look at the camera!”

True story. Her words exactly.

And in the longest time since I graduated from high school, we went to sing KTV!


At Partyworld


Apparently Partyworld is in Australia now, I thought it only existed in Singapore. And I am also a horrible singer. And KTV sessions remind me of our fellow classmate Terry! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ahem. Hahaha. KTV-ing with the girls was fun. And random songs like ‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ are hilarious. Dinner was at Pancake Parlor, which is like our Pancake Kitchen in Adelaide. Except that it isn’t 24 hours and much prettier. Pancake Kitchen looks like a sketchy diner next to it. But I would say both places have yummy pancakes. 🙂

The week went by so fast, had lunch at Lygon Street, had Italian food at TiaMo and then yummy gelati with Jojo because Flo was still asleep. The weather was good too. And then I was dragged to Flo’s Marketing lecture because she insisted that it was her most interesting lecture and I think that I probably paid more attention to it than she did (right, Flo?). I also found out that Flo doesn’t know about Farmville, how can you not know what is Farmville?? Not that I play it. I just get bombarded by notices about it on Facebook. Haha.

I left Melbourne on an afternoon flight the next day. The bus that was suppose to pick me up came late, so I got to the airport one hour before my flight. The queue at the check-in counter was crazy long. I thought I was going to miss my flight! Note to self: Tiger airlines have crazy queues at their check-in counters, make sure to get to the airport way in advance.

Was eavesdropping on this ladies’ telephone conversation with (I would assume) her boyfriend, about how she has to leave Melbourne but they will work this out, and that he should come over this weekend and that if he really didn’t want her to leave that badly he turn around and pick her up from the airport right now… blablabla. It was kinda hard to not listen to her talking, it didn’t sound like she was making an effort to lower her voice anyway. My brain shut down, I turned and saw a girl sobbing because she had to leave. What’s up with people having to leave Melbourne?? Did something happen there while I was there and I didn’t notice??

Anyway, I had a great time over in Melbourne! Huge thank you to Flo and Jojo for being such awesome hosts and letting me crash at your place. I had heaps of fun :). See you soon~

I forgot to take a picture of the foldable bed that I was sleeping because it was Flo’s favortie nua-ing spot. According to her, the curved dent in the middle of the mattress makes you want to sleep. She kinda rolls out of her bed, out her bedroom door and into the foldable bed, only to fall asleep again while me and Jojo watch on from the sofa. It was entertaining. Haha.

Oops, didn’t think that it’d be such a long entry.


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