Week 12 of semester 2!

Week 11 may not have been one of my busiest weeks (since starting uni), despite the fact that I was procrastinating doing one of my assignments, but I still feel so tired from it. Anyway, week 11 of sem 2 ended on a happy note. Only because at the end of that week, there were a few things that made me smile.

Celebrated a senior’s birthday by surprising her at a Malaysian restaurant for dinner followed by yummy dessert at Spatz. And also we went to an automatic car wash! Which I haven’t been into one in ages. Think the last time I went to one, was when I was still in primary school. The dad would pop into one, given this only happened once in a blue moon, on the way home from somewhere . It was always amusing. I remember how, as a little kid, amusing it was to feel the car move through the thing slowly with the brushes twirling in your face, against the glass window, and water spraying everywhere!  And then, somewhere in between, automatic car wash trips stopped. Now, about a decade later, I got to experience my first automatic car wash in a long time! I thought it was exciting. And kinda scary ‘cos the machine seemed like it was going to eat us and the car up while we were in it. Haha.

And then, A came to Adelaide to visit! We caught up, and went shopping at Harbourtown. She’s already done with her exams and is heading back to Singapore tomorrow! While, here I am, still struggling with assignments and nowhere near completing any of my exams yet. Envious. 😦 See you back in Singapore soon!

And then I got a nice surprise on Cyworld. A friend whom I’ve not been in contact in ages, or I’ve kinda lost contact with, suddenly dropped me a message on my Cyworld page.

Pretty sure my mouth flew open and then curled up into a surprised smile before I replied:

I just lost it. I was so excited to hear from someone I’ve not heard from in such a long time again (think the last time I saw him was… 4 to 5 years ago?). Obviously, you can sense my excitement from all the caps. Haha. It’s always a happy thing to hear from an old friend whom you’ve lost touch with. Oh, and before I checked my messages, I was trying to complete an assignment that was due the next day. This just made my week 11 of sem 2 complete. Heh. Hopefully, week 12 will be as good.

(I just re-read this entry. And… I think I don’t make sense at some parts, or my grammer or something is really messed up. Sigh, English, fail. And being the lazy person that I am, I can’t be bothered to fix it. Heh.)


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3 thoughts on “Week 12 of semester 2!

  1. Dan C October 25, 2010 at 9:11 pm Reply

    Cyworld… you know how to read Korean?

    • Laine October 25, 2010 at 9:14 pm Reply

      Yep! But… most of the time I don’t know what the words I’m reading actually mean. Haha.

  2. videos divertidos November 1, 2010 at 1:12 am Reply

    Very detailed info. I am very happy to I found this entry.. 🙂

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