Belated pictures

Village Photo 2010

People on my bedroom floor

TT with my glasses

Gotta love the expressions this pic

Unit 71 after the departure of our French (ex)housemate. We now have a Malaysian!

I’d like to add that it is a common sight to have people sprawled on my bedroom floor. It’s like there’s something magical about the floor. Every so often I’ll find my human carpet, Hills, sprawled right across because she’s just that tall.

We celebrated the birthday of J and AM. They turn 21! It was a Black & White themed event at S Bar, which is a bar a stone’s throw away from where we stay. And did I mention that they serve this really yummy caramel milkshake there? Soooo…. good. It was a good night with a small group of friends and both their families. More pictures here.

The weather’s warming up in Adelaide. Boo. It’s the time of the year when the insects start coming out again. Not fun. The flies here are supersized, making things extra disgusting. The flies we get in Singapore are midgets compared to the ones here, and because of their mind-boggling big-ness, they fly heaps slower too. Doesn’t take much to swat them. Makes me think that the flies back home are like ninjas, they always know where you’re trying to hit them from, and so you always miss them by that little bit.


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