When my grandma was wrinkle-free

My brother got let out of prison army camp for a couple of hours, so he came back for dinner before booking in again. And my cousin was over to get some exercise with my mum. For some reason, they started to talk about my grandma’s old wedding photos. And then they made her take them out to show them to me.

The wedding photo

She kinda looks different, but kinda looks the same? The grandpa too. The cousin reckons that my grandpa was probably considered pretty good looking for guys from his time, the grandma disagrees. Hahahahaha.

The engagement photo

The family photo at that time

Try to spot my mum in the above photo! Hahahaha. Heee.

The grandma now

A badly lit photo of my grandma taken last year.

The grandpa

The only photo of my grandpa before he passed that I could find. Unfortunately, I didn’t own my own camera until my grandpa passed away, thus I don’t have any pictures of him. Had to take a photo of the photo that my grandma keeps of him on her bedroom mirror.

It was a loud day at home due to the sudden influx of umm… people. Haha. We were all trying to talk over the TV which had some documentary show thingy about kimchi. No idea why no one thought to turn the TV down so that we could just talk comfortably without having to shout. Did I mention my brother stole my chips? My chips! Sigh. And he is also balding at his eyebrows. Hahaha, karma!

I haven’t been up to much yet. Been bumming at home. Got my hair trimmed, been stuffing my face with food and went for a review of my teeth since it’s been a while since my braces have been removed. All is good so far! Except that it has been raining in Singapore, and I’ve been wanting to go swimming. The rainy weather just makes it a chore to get out of the house.

The grandma just surrendered the TV remote! Woohoo! Okay, am going to bum some more, this time in front of the TV. 🙂


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