Makeshift photo booth

Tripod? Check.

Camera? Check.

White mahjiong paper? Check.

The brother tweeted

Both mum and the brother needed new passport photos, so they set up their own photo booth which needed the involvement of everyone. One photographer, the person whose photo was being taken and someone to hold up the mahjiong paper. Tadah! Makeshift photo booth, with great lighting from our friendly neighbour, the sun. The set up kinda spilled out into the corridor as well. Hee.

Behind the scenes (haha)


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One thought on “Makeshift photo booth

  1. JASMINE December 8, 2010 at 6:09 pm Reply

    i also did that today!!! look out for my makeshift-at-the-balcony-next to doggy-shit studio pictures ha ha ha…of course the outcome is splendid!

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