Vitamin water + Nerf guns + my sore ankle

Here’s a a recap of what has happened so far. I missed a step while walking to the supermarket with my mum and grandma. I don’t know how I managed it to do it, since I’ve probably taken that route like, a million times and I somehow still managed to not see that step coming. Sigh. It didn’t really hurt very much at that point, I was still happily strolling around NTUC picking out food from the shelves and everything. It hadn’t even swelled up then, it just felt a little sore, I don’t really know how to describe it. I think I heard my ankle crunch or pop or something. It made a sound lah. And then it swelled up that night. Sigh.

Burger, Bench & Bar

Met up with N and A today for lunch and a short, short catch up. If you ever head down to Burger, Bench & Bar at Cineleisure, try out their Sautéed Mixed Mushroom burger! It’s like Burger King’s Mushroom Swiss but better. A’s chilli soft shell crab burger was good too. I also got to try Vitamin Water for the first time ever.

Fruit Punch flavour

N and A kept telling me it tastes like sugar water. Like Ribena, and that I’ll like it. They lied. It tasted like really diluted cordial, nothing like Ribena. But I don’t dislike it. I guess it was… okay. Soon after, A had to leave for work and N had a little Christmas shopping to do. So N and I wandered about a little, discovered a massive Domo-kun toy (which I would love to own but it costs a whopping $200) and Nerf guns! Nerf guns are probably the coolest toy guns ever. EVER! They have ‘bullet magazines/cartridges’ for their toy guns and different kinds of ‘bullets’. Reloading ‘bullets’ one at a time, like we used to do growing up playing with toy guns? Pshh… so old school. Cool guns have cartridges now.

After being out for that mere few hours, I came back home with a swollen ankle. Sigh, again. It went down in the morning 😦


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