Crazy belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I have been lazy. I’ve pretty much been bumming around the house, catching up with all the drama series I’ve been missing out while studying, save for the occasional trips out to meet up with people.

Being Christmassy

Being Christmassy 2

Christmas eve was spent with the brother and cousin.

Caught a movie in the late afternoon. After that, we were hungry and didn’t want to go somewhere that was crazy crowded, with mad long queues. So the brother brought us to Artichoke Cafe + Bar. The food was really good, and no huge crowd and queue! We had Turkish bread with chickpea and eggplant dips, Lamb stew, Beef something…(can’t recall its name) and brownie for dessert. SO YUMMY. They change their menu every so often, so there’s always something new to try. Unfortunately, none of us brought a camera out. So we had to settle for the handphone’s camera.

Waiting for food

Oh, and everyone was handed a santa hat when you dine at Artichoke. Adds on to the whole Christmas atmosphere! It was fun, except for the humid weather while we were walking down from Cathay to Artichoke.

The only group shot

And we were all wearing white! Was not pre-arranged. ‘Counted down’ to Christmas in the LAN shop, playing L4D2, killing zombies, running for our lives before heading home. Haha.


It’s already 2011!

Counted down to the new year with the family with our own little countdown ‘party’.


And there were fireworks going off everywhere. The brother and I were sprinting up and down the corridor to catch the fireworks on both sides of our block. This pretty much sums up what my Christmas/New Year period has been like.

Here’s to hoping that 2011 well be a great one! 🙂



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