Wild Honey with A

About a million and one new restaurants seemed to have sprouted overnight in Singapore during the time I’ve been away. So, I’ve been pretty excited to try them. This time, I finally got to try the all-day breakfast at Wild Honey.

The menu

The menu is written on the blackboards surrounding the counter where you place your orders. Very… environmentally friendly?

With A

Went there with A, N wasn’t free to join us 😦

A took this, trying to be arty-farty

I kinda like the whole ambience at Wild Honey. It’s a really cosy place for friends to just gather and catch up. But apparently the queues can get pretty long. The last time I attempted to head in there to try the food with another friend, we headed over to Ippudo instead because the queue seemed to be moving faster over there.

European breakfast (Eggs benedict)

A's Tunisian breakfast

The food is named by regions or countries. I got the European breakfast, which was essentially eggs benedict with mushrooms on thick slices of toast. Yums. A got Tunisian breakfast which was pretty good too.

Making sure my poached eggs oozes

I enjoyed my European breakfast. But it was probably the most expensive breakfast I’ve ever had in Singapore, ever. Our breakfasts costs $18 each before GST and service charge, SGD21 something after including all the extra charges.

And then I told A that I was going to Korea with some other friends soon for a short holiday. And then she teared, out of frustration because she wanted to go to Korea too but can’t. I have dramatic friends. Sigh.

Overall, I thought Wild Honey was pretty yums, and I really enjoyed the cosy atmosphere. A couple other people there had ordered some yummy looking drinks, think I’ll try them next time I head there. Though, probably not too soon because my pocket will need a little time to recuperate first. It’s somewhere that I’ll only go to once in a while given that it can be a little on the pricey side.

Counting down… 14 days till Korea. Provided the two Koreas decide not to wage war yet.


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