Some pictures from when we were in Penang

Pictures from a long time ago when my mum, my grandmothers, my aunts and I headed over to Penang after the dad’s funeral to take a little break.

Penang Char Kway Tiao at Gurney Drive

At Chew Jetty

Everybody at Chew Jetty has the last name Chew

All the houses were built on water

Letterbox made out of a biscuit tin

Homestays available too

The Peranakan Mansion

The Peranakan Mansion is a must go for everyone who visits Penang. So, so pretty. And it was also used as the set for Singapore’s drama series, Little Nonya.

They have guided tours of the mansion

Our guide was pretty good & friendly

The mansion is so, so pretty! We all went 'Waaahh...' the moment we stepped in

Everything's so detailed

Pictures of the owners of the mansion? Can't remember which generation owner is this

The mansion is pretty much divided into two

You can move between the two parts of the mansion via the back

Pretty doors

The main door leading into the mansion

The main part of the mansion is where the owners and family reside, the various rooms and all. The other part of the mansion is pretty much the kitchen and the servant living quarters. There is so much more to the place than the photos I have up here. The photos here is really just icing on the cake, there’s still the different rooms which I didn’t upload the pictures. This place is somewhere you have to see for yourself to take in it’s beauty.

Old school coffee shop to take a break from the heat

Pretty tiles which you hardly see anymore. And also my awkwardly placed feet.

Going to Penang was pretty much an eating trip. The heat there was like… WHOAAAA. Crazy scorching heat from the sun. By the last day I didn’t want to go out in the sun again. I just wanted to hole up in our hotel room. Which was what I did while the rest went out for lunch. Haha. Shopping was pretty much non-existent, but I did manage to get myself a pair of sandals. I think it was the only thing I bought during that trip.


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One thought on “Some pictures from when we were in Penang

  1. Dan C January 9, 2011 at 1:11 am Reply

    You didn’t manage, yet you did buy a pair of sandals? xD

    Pedanticism aside, I ❤ Penang ❤ …

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