And the aging continues…

Thank you, everyone who sent me their wishes and lovely gifts! Felt so loved! Haha.

This was how I spent my birthday this year. Can’t believe it’s already the new year and I just turned another year older… AGAIN! Sigh.

Monopoly Deal!

Kinda can’t help the fact that most people’s birthdays come annually huh? Oh well.

The gang planned a day of roller blading and cycling for my birthday but… unfortunately the weather refused to cooperate with us, so it was Plan B – Monopoly Deal.

We had to take a picture with the letter 'E' because my name starts with 'E'

And then the rain lightened up into a drizzle. So we went prawning, but before we could catch anything I had to leave. It’s been awhile since I got to celebrate my birthday with you guys! I can’t even remember when was the last time I got to spend my birthday with all of you. Thanks for the lovely gifts and the dimsum buffet!

Next up was dinner with the family!

Food for Thought

I’ve heard/read about Food for Thought. So, I decided that I should probably check it out sometime. And when my mum asked me where I would like to go for dinner on my birthday, I all like… Food for Thought! Then she sent me off to make a reservation.

They have two outlets, we went to the one at 8 Queen Street. This was because I was looking at the menus (the outlets have a slightly different menu) and decided that I was more interested in the food that was offered at Queen St. The other outlet’s menu seemed more suitable for brunch than dinner.

The ‘Chope’ packet thingy is the thing they use to state that the table’s been reserved instead of the usual reserved sign. So cute! The ‘Chope’ packet is really a packet of tissue paper. The thing actually says ‘Chope. Reservations Singapore Style’. In case you don’t know, we kinda reserve our seats/tables at hawker centres/food courts using tissue paper packets in this country. If you’re visiting the country, and head to a hawker centre/food court and wonder why are there tables with tissue packets and everyone seem to be trying to look for empty seats but avoid those with tissue packets, it’s because it means that someone has reserved that seat/table. Yes, with their tissue packet. Singaporeans are unique this way. Uniquely Singapore? Possibly so. (Ugh, I just realised that Singapore’s tourism tagline thingy has recently been changed to Your Singapore?? Have I been away from this country that long?!)

What I had: Really Good Steak with Blue Cheese Butter (this was what it was called on the menu)

What Mum had: Bacon and Broccoli Risotto

What the brother had: Crispy Curry Chicken

A side: Cheesy Toast

I loved my steak. I kinda expected like a creamy/buttery blue cheese sauce to come with my steak, so I was half surprised that it came as 2 butter cubes. But it was a nice touch, I enjoyed the steak and even my mum thought it was good too. Mum’s risotto was yummy as well, but the brother commented that the bigger pieces of bacon could taste a little too salty, especially when eaten on its own. I thought the brother’s Crispy Curry Chicken was a pretty nice touch, because it was (huge) deep fried chicken pieces seasoned with curry powder. Great twist! But the brother thought that it wasn’t worth the price, and it kinda reminded me of the Shihlin XXXL chicken. He was like expecting it to be deep friend chicken with a side of curry gravy or something. But still, pretty creative I would say.

Food for Thought - 8Q

Overall… Good food! Everyone liked the place. Plus, the owners of the place are trying to raise money for the less fortunate. Go eat good food and donate money towards a good cause.

After that it was off to Ben & Jerry’s for dessert!

Mum & I

Unfortunately… I forgot to get someone to take a family picture of us at Food for Thought, all I remembered to take was the food. Sigh… Fail max.


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