It’s the year of the Rabbit!

Soon after I returned from my trip to Seoul, I came home to discover that the family went into full-fledge CNY (Chinese New Year) mode. The house had been tidied up, save for my luggage which they were waiting for my to return to clear up. A lot of my stuff weren’t in their usual places, I spent almost half a day trying to find my things.

Family 2011

This year’s CNY was an amusing one. It was the war of the tripods at my grandmother’s (Dad’s side) place. Every year, all my relatives come armed with their stylo-milo cameras. We only take full family pictures once a year, so it’s sorta like a big affair.

Mum's side 2011

It’s less over the top on my mother’s side of the family because I’m usually the photographer. But this year my brother was armed with his camera too, so we had two photographers. Anyway, as per usual, my family was the first family, from my dad’s side, to arrive at my grandparents’ place. And to get ahead of the mad rush when everyone starts pulling out their tripods and whatnots for the family photograph, my brother and I decide to set ours up first. When the relatives started trickling in, everyone started to notice the tripods. The mad competition ensued. Everyone was trying to get the best spot for their tripod, it was crazy. Wished I had a photo of what happened, but… my camera was attached to my tripod and I was trying to guard my spot. Hahahaha. One aunt forgot to bring her tripod this year (of all times) and was therefore banished to a spot at the side, using snack containers to prop up her cameras. That’s right, CAMERAS. Hahahaha.

Dad's side 2011

Family photo-taking time is amusing every year, and it gets more and more disorganised every year. If I could get my hands on a family picture that was taken like… 10 years ago, the difference is noticeable. But then again… we had lesser people in the family 10 years ago, plus we were all so much smaller in size too. Haha.

Females from the dad's side (except my grandfather)

According to Chinese culture, we weren’t suppose to be celebrating CNY this year because of the dad. But oh well.


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One thought on “It’s the year of the Rabbit!

  1. esther February 16, 2011 at 12:08 pm Reply

    hello ^^ I saw you at noonablog and decided to click on your website and then found out you’re studying in adelaide and i think it’s amazing because i’m from adelaide toooooooo!!!

    happy chinese new year btw (its a bit late though …) 🙂

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