Zomg, Week 3 is almost over

In the midst of settling in and getting back into the routine of Uni, the end of Week 3 is almost here. And… I am… Unfortunately… Behind on my uni work. Sigh. Here’s what I’ve been up to besides trying not to pass out and recuperating from placements:

My pool. Okay, not really.

Attended/witnessed Kei’s baptism at this house overlooking a river. So, so pretty. But, so, so far away. Lol.

At the garden leading up to the waters

Group photo!

And then bidded farewell to Sarah 😦

While waiting for the main girl to appear

Hiding behind the counters

It was a surprise farewell thing, so we were all trying to hide behind the counters. Surprise farewell, success!

Attempt to take a family-like-portrait

That is all folks. Life hasn’t exactly been very exciting.


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