Cupcake card

Thanks, Jasmine, for the cute card! Although it was posted out ages ago (according to the date you wrote in the card), I finally got it!


Thank you for the little surprise! Hee. In response to what you wrote in the card… Yeah! It is nice to receive snail mail, like something that I can feel and touch. Haha. I was expecting to get just a whole stack of AGM minutes, and then… taadaahh! A card! Thank you, thank you. Miso touched. Unfortunately, I think it got a little wet on its way to me. But good thing it didn’t disintegrate into paper pulp or something. Haha. It’s so sad how everytime FaithWorks has something, I can’t be there for it because I’m always not in the country. 😦


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One thought on “Cupcake card

  1. jasmine April 6, 2011 at 5:07 pm Reply

    Man the card looked so real on the table! Ha ha… Ya you really receive quite late. Sydney receive already ha ha we should write more snail mail man!

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