A trip to the sunshine state

The only sunny day while I was in Queensland was probably my first day. The rest of the trip was just rainy and sad. Off to Sunshine Coast, rain. Off to Surfers Paradise, rain. It was just wet, wet, wet, rain, rain, rain.

And then none of us got a good night’s sleep throughout the trip either because of a certain couple in the shared dorm or loud drunk people or people who enjoyed talking loudly and couldn’t care less if the rest of the dorm could hear your conversation too.

Ferris wheel while the sun was setting

By the river

The river that flows through Brisbane city was muddy and the man-made beach had only one water feature open because of the flood. But, I must say, they’ve cleaned up pretty good!

Ferris wheel, again


Mangrove walk

Hills was the last one to arrive, so while waiting for her, we wandered about the area where we stayed and the city. Strolled down along the river, to Southbank, visited a Maritime Museum where their main attraction was this war ship and then caught a movie.

Umm.. some room


Going inside...

We take photos of each other, taking photos of each other

Umm… if that caption makes sense to you, yay! Hehe.

The engine room


When Queensland got flooded, the waters toppled it. You can see that the stands’ been broken.

Underwater World

Went to the Sunshine Coast, where it wasn’t sunny for the whole day. Visited Underwater World where they had a frozen hammerhead shark on display.


And… I obviously don’t have a picture of the forementioned hammerhead shark. Haha, fail.

Crazy big fishes

I will, from now on, think about how there may be fishes of those sizes if I ever swim in a freshwater river somewhere. And also how… I might possibly be eaten in a single mouthful.

I love these tunnels


I take you, you take me. Thats how it works. Haha

And here’s a photo of Hills stabbing someone…

Stab, poke, stab

Her fencing competition was really the main reason why we were in Queensland in the first place. Gotta admit, it’s interesting to watch people have a go at each other with swords. And also how they’re all composed while trying to find an opportunity to poke each other with their swords, and then when someone misses and they somehow come in close contact with each other, they just go nuts trying to stab each other. Doesn’t matter where, they just go nuts trying to get the other party in the back, legs, arm, body… anywhere until the score thing beeps.

With some umm... safari people in a mall. Haha

The trip to the Gold Coast was sad and wet and it involved us getting soaked jeans and shoes.

I also got to meet and catch up with H and his girlfriend. Which was exciting. But I forgot to get a picture with the both of them. 😦

This trip also involved regular trips to Pie Face and the general stuffing-my-face-with-food activities. Hehe.


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One thought on “A trip to the sunshine state

  1. mel April 21, 2011 at 12:32 am Reply

    HAHAHAHAHA ELAINE! when i read the part about how you’d be thinking of being eaten by fishes, i totally laughed my head off! funny funny!

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