Hands, stained purple

Last night involved staying up to help Hills dye her hair purple. And as a result of not having proper gloves (I used plastic bags as a substitute), I now possess purple hands.


Looking at my purple hands reminds me of the times as little kids, when we discovered the almighty ink stamp pad in your parent’s stationary drawer. And then… the next thing you know, this is how your hands end up. Except, the ink actually comes off with soap, whereas my hands are going to be purple for the next few days till the dye fades.

I woke up this morning, forgetting that I had purple hands and thought that I was now one of the X-men. But alas, Professor X told me otherwise. Miso sad. What? My superpower could be the… ability… to… turn my hands purple? And then go around yelling ‘YOU HIT ME! LOOK AT MY BRUISED HANDS!’. Yes, a very useful superpower indeed.

Purple hair!

And as a result of me being so slow (I took like, 3 hours to cover her whole head with the dye), you hear things like “Minding my breakfast…” and “I’d look at you, but it’ll hurt my eyes” from Hills. Much laughter ensued.

I also almost gave Hills purple eyebrows and a couple purple dots on her ears. At least I didn’t paint her forehead purple? And… it’s a good thing that the dye is only a temporary dye? Because you know, I make such a great hairdresser. 😀 *stifles a chuckle*


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