More cupcakes & macarons

I’m almost done with placements (for this semester)! But, nowhere near done with assignments 😦

Raspberry Swirl cupcake

Probably also the reason why this place has been neglected. I sigh whenever I look at my schedule/diary thingy with all my assignment deadlines on it.

Salted caramel, lemon, passion fruit and raspberry

Currently, watching Masterchef on TV in the evenings is my destressing time. All the yummy food they make! Drool worthy.

And also for once, I managed to slip into Pink Frosting Cupcakes just before they ran out of them.

I am also taking forever to finish my Easter chocolate. Hills reckons I’ve got crazy self control, but I give credit to the million and one food allergies I have (which is kinda sad, considering).


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