71: Into the Fire

I have this whole heap of movies which I have been meaning to watch, but never did. And 71: Into the Fire was one of them.

71: Into the Fire

So, I thought I’d watch a movie before heading to bed. And then I realised that watching a war movie just before going to bed was a very, very bad idea. It wasn’t because of the blood and (not really much) gore, but because I felt so sad after that! Literally, after finishing the movie I was like, 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 I kid you not.


Okay, fine. When I first heard of the movie, I really wanted to catch it because TOP was in it. But seeing how he won so many awards because of the movie, it had to be a good movie right? And it was.

Another poster

Good Acting, great filming. I went to bed feeling so sad for the people who died, but yet happy because it was a good movie.

I’ve also made myself a mental note to not watch war movies before bedtime again.


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