The winter break so far…

This break has probably the most eventful break for me so far this year. I finally got my driving license after much procrastination, moved off campus (multiple car trips back and forth to move my stuff), attended an Australian wedding (which was aww-so-sweet), and went on a road trip. Life’s good so far (besides the freezing house).

Gloomy skins but clear blue waters

The beach

We went on a road trip around the Yorke Peninsula and the Copper Coast, stopping by little towns, taking pictures, eating lots and lots of food and then stopping in a town to rest and then head off again the next morning. I think I may have eaten way too much. Eeks. Eat, eat, eat from morning till night. Gah.

The first day was gloomy with the sky threatening to rain any moment. And we battled the cold and the wind whilst having fish & chips and an army of seagulls surrounding us in Ardrossan, moving on to Port Vincent, and then stopping at Stansbury for the night.

We got a little peek from the sun on our second day. Stopped by Edithburgh to visit a wind farm and then, Yorketown and Warooka. It then rained the moment we got to Ballywire Farm where they had the cutest animals. The farm took in abandoned animals and they have a small cafe place where you could warm up over the food prepared by the wife of the owner and all proceeds go to the caring of the animals. A small entrance fee and a couple of extra dollars, you can get a bucket of feed and carrots to feed the animals. AND DID I MENTION THAT THEY ARE SO CUTE?

The whining donkey

Obviously, they recognise that visitors = food, so the moment you walk up to the fence, they come trotting over, stretching their necks and cocking their heads, waiting for you to feed them.


When we FINALLY managed to pull ourselves away from the animals and the cute dogs who just adored the attention we showered upon them, we headed off to Marion Bay’s Innes National Park.

Awesome view

The views were soooooo pretty. There were barely any cars, it was like you owned the whole place. It was awesome.

The little companion


We’d drive for a little bit, and then hike for a little bit and then drive for a little bit. Plus, we were blessed with great weather!

As we were heading to the park’s jetty (our last stop), a light drizzle was starting to develop and then two rainbows appeared. The rainbows just kept getting brighter and brighter, it was so surreal and pictures just didn’t do them any justice.

Unfortunately you can't see the second rainbow in this picture 😦

We stopped the car and ran out into the rain in an attempt to get a good picture of the rainbow. It was so pretty! We were by the coast, so it looked like the end of the rainbow kinda just emerged from the sea.

And then we fished in the dark, where JL caught the largest squid, ever.

After staying the night at Marion Bay, we headed off to Minlaton, Maitland and Moonta for more food and wandering around. Then Wallaroo for the night and fishing in the freezing cold. The jetty where we were at had no railings, I was afraid I was going fall off, but thankfully I didn’t.

Last day was spent in Moonta and Kadina. If anyone ever heads over to Moonta, you have to visit this place called the Coffee Barn and Gelateria (Warren St,  Moonta). The pancakes there… zomg, super yums.

I might have caught a cold. Nose is running away, and it might be peeling and falling off any moment now.


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